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Hiland Road Bike Weight – 5 Weight Facts Explained

Hiland Road Bike Weight

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We talked about the Hiland road bikes on the market today. Here we discuss Hiland road bike weight. This includes everything related to Hiland road bikes, including the weight of the Hiland bikes themselves, their weight threshold, or the maximum weight they can carry.

Here’s a short summary before we delve into the thick of things:

Weight of a Hiland road bike: 12-17 kg or 27-37.5 lbs

Maximum weight limit of a Hiland road bike: 104-136 kg or 230-300 lbs

What are Hiland Bikes?

Hiland Bikes is a Taiwanese company established in 2000. And for over 2 decades, it has produced some of the best budget bikes in the world. The keywords are “best” and “budget,” meaning that the Hiland company doesn’t just create any sort of bike by disregarding quality. Rather, quality is ensured as well as a cheap tag price. The best of both worlds!

Hiland makes all sorts of bike-related products, including Hiland road bikes, Hiland mountain bikes, Hiland hybrid bikes, Hiland kids’ bikes, Hiland women’s bikes, and Hiland bike accessories. Among all these items, we are going to specifically focus on Hiland road bikes here.

Relevance of Bike Weight

The weight of a bike is determined by a lot of factors, and the weight itself determines other factors, mainly the weight threshold. Therefore, it is important to know how much your bike weighs.

Your bike weight is determined by its components — mainly, frame material (carbon is lighter than aluminum, which is lighter than steel), wheel size (the larger the heavier), tire width (the wider the heavier), the inclusion of suspension forks (the more the heavier), and any extra weight you add to the bike, such as a bike rack or a bike phone mount.

What does a heavy bike do? Obviously, a heavier bike is harder to pedal, so its acceleration is low. It may also have a lower top speed compared to a lighter bike. The lighter your bike is, the faster and easier you generally will be able to ride.

However, there are cons to having a very light bike. One, it may make the bike less stable. On the occasion of tacking bumpy routes, especially off the road, you might hit a sizable obstacle like a tree stump and be knocked over.

Moreover, very light bikes may result in extremely high speeds which can be dangerous for you. Due to this risky potential, bicycle racing competitions do not allow a bike weight of below 6.8 kg or 14.99 lbs.

Relevance of Bike Weight Limit

Very importantly, bike weight largely determines bike weight limit.

It is always not the case that a heavier bike will have a heavier weight threshold. For example, if a bike is heavy due to additional weight attached to it or propped on top of it, then its weight limit will obviously not be high, and rather will be cut due to the added weight.

If the original weight limit was, for example, 250 lbs, and if the added cargo is 30 lbs, then the remaining weight limit to reach the threshold is 220 lbs.

That aside, if your bike’s weight, disregarding any added weight, is heavy, then its weight limit will also tend to be high. Therefore, a heavier bike, such as one with a steel frame, will have a higher weight limit than a bike made of carbon.

It is not important to know exactly how much your bike weighs, though, in most circumstances. Unless you are significantly overweight, don’t fuss about an adult bike’s weight limit (kids’ bikes have lower weight limits).

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check your bike weight when buying, but even if you don’t know the exact number, you can guess your bike weight and bike weight limit by bearing in mind some key points, which are discussed below.

Typical Bike Weights and Weight Limits

Bike type is an important factor in bike weight and bike weight limit. By knowing what type of bike someone has, you can make a good estimate of its bike weight and weight threshold.

Typically, road bikes weigh less than mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. This is because they don’t have to carry around suspension forks and be equipped with wide tires and other things to slow them down.

Moreover, the function of road bikes is to be as efficient and as fast as possible, and so a lighter weight is prioritized. The opposite is often true for mountain bikes, which tend to be designed to be heavy for the rider to stay grounded and have a safe and stable riding experience.

The hybrid bike is designed to be a compromise between the road bike and the mountain bike. Therefore, it is in between road bikes and mountain bikes in terms of weight and weight limit. The frame material and inclusion of suspension forks will largely determine hybrid bike weight.

The heaviest of bikes are e-bikes or electric bikes. The e-bike works on a motor engine and also allows pedaling, making it a compromise between a bicycle and a motorcycle. Because of the inclusion of the engine and more components to accommodate the engine, e-bike weight can go up to as high as 80 lbs!

In particular, road bikes weigh about 17 lbs whereas mountain bikes weigh about 30 lbs, making the latter about twice as heavy as the former. Of course, these are average numbers, and the exact number will depend on the other factors discussed, especially the frame material. Hiland Road Bike Weight

Hiland Road Bike Weight

Now that we have a good understanding of the significance of bike weight and corresponding typical numbers, let us talk about Hiland road bike weight.

As we discussed, wheel size is important when it comes to bike weight, as a 26-inch bike will obviously weigh less than a 29er, other factors being equal.

As it happens, Hiland makes the best budget bikes, and since the gold standard of road biking is 29-inch models, all Hiland road bikes (excluding kids’ models) have 29-inch or 700c wheels.

The average Hiland road bike 700c weight ranges from 12 kg / 27 lbs to 17 kg / 37.5 lbs. Admittedly, these are high numbers for road bikes. However, unless you are looking to race competitively, you won’t mind this slightly higher weight at all. Carrying Hiland road bikes with one hand is also not too much trouble for an adult.

Besides, perhaps the primary reason behind the heavier-than-average weight of Hiland road bikes is to ensure an appealing price. Indeed, Hiland road bike price is remarkably appealing, with all of its bikes coming in at below $400!

You can even find a Hiland 700c road bike price to be below $300! As discussed, that also doesn’t mean there will be a compromise in quality. Check out this Hiland road bike 700c racing bike with 14 speeds drivetrain review (yes, 14 speeds and still at such a low price) for yourself!

If you are still looking for a road bike with a lower weight, consider buying a Hiland aluminum road bike rather than a bike with a steel frame. Again, steel is much heavier than aluminum.

Hiland Road Bike Weight Limit

The typical weight limit of a road bike is 230 lbs or 104.33 kg. Hiland road bikes also have a similar weight limit to this number, but some models have a higher number. For example, the Hiland road bike 700c Racing Bicycle has an impressive weight limit of 300 lbs.

Below is a list of Hiland road bike weight and weight limits of the best Hiland road bikes out there:

ModelBike WeightBike Weight Limit
Hiland Road Bike 700C Wheels with Single-Speed13.61 kg / 30 lbs104.33 kg / 230 lbs
Hiland Road Bike Aluminum Frame 700c Racing Bike with 14 Speeds DrivetrainUnspecifiedUnspecified
Hiland Road Bike 700c Racing Bike Aluminum City Commuter Bicycle with 21 Speeds14.52 kg / 32.01 lbsUnspecified
Hiland Road Bike Hybrid Bike Aluminum Frame 700C 24 Speeds12.79 kg / 28.20 lbsUnspecified
Hiland Road Bike 700C Racing Bicycle with Shimano 14 Speeds16.96 kg / 37.39 lbs136.08 kg / 300 lbs
Hiland Vernier Road Bike 700C 14 Speeds Racing Bicycle12.20 kg / 26.90 lbsUnspecified

Note: One of the bike weights and a lot of the bike weight limits, such as that of the Hiland Vernier road bike, are unspecified in the product description on Amazon. However, we can completely safely provide estimated numbers to them.

As a rule of thumb, unless otherwise specified, you should ride a road bike thinking that its maximum weight capacity is 230 lbs. The maximum weight limit can be higher. But it’s almost always not lower unless it’s a kids’ bike or you are disregarding additional cargo.

A Final Word

In summation, we have seen that the Hiland road bike’s 700c weight is comparatively heavier than the typical road bike. However, that is a light price to pay (pun intended) for such cheap rates.

To add to that, steel and aluminum are quite sturdy, unlike expensive carbon. In other words, steel and aluminum bikes are potentially better ideas unless you want to race and have a boatload of cash.

Secondly, we have established that the Hiland road bike weight limit is more than enough, if not high, for typical road bikes. This means you can be overweight and still ride a Hiland bike. Indeed, cycling is an extremely good exercise, but if your weight prevents you from riding a bike to start exercising, then that’s problematic. And problematic is not an adjective to describe Hiland!

There are still way too many things for you to read about Hiland bikes. Do you know that Hiland road bikes come 85% preassembled, leaving you only with 15% of the job of Hiland road bike 700c assembly?

Do you want to know how to assemble a bike? You can check out a bike assembly manual in our Blog section.

What is the average weight of a road bike?

A road bike usually weighs between 17 and 25 pounds (7.7 and 11.3 kg) on average. This can change depending on the components that are fitted on the bike and the materials that were used to build it, such as steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber.

Luxurious road bikes, particularly racing models, are frequently lighter because of cutting-edge engineering and the use of lightweight materials.

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