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Can a Road Bike Pull a Bike Trailer?

can a road bike pull a bike trailer

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Road bikes are gaining popularity from all over the world as more people are searching for newer and pollution-free ways of traveling. Road bikes are one of the best ways of exercising, getting fresh air, and a method of transportation. But one of the most asked questions about road bikes is, “Can road bikes pull a bike trailer?”.

Before getting a road bike to pull a bike trailer, it is necessary to know whether it can do the job or not. In this article, we will discuss whether a road bike can pull a bike trailer and other helpful tips regarding the subject.

Can road bikes pull a bike trailer depending on the strength of the bike, the terrain, and the type of trailer you are using?

The majority of road bikes will undoubtedly not work with car trailers, but these bikes will work with special bike trailers. Bike trailers are out there in the market to transport children and a small number of items and products.

Can a Road Bike Pull a Bike Trailer?

For the majority of the time, yes, a road bike can pull a bike trailer. But how well the road bike pulls the bike trailer primarily depends on the strength of the bicycle rider.

The place where the cyclist is riding the bicycle, the strength of the trailer, and the topography also play a major role in how well the road bike can pull the trailer.

can a road bike pull a bike trailer

What is a Good Bicycle for Pulling Trailers?

There are various kinds of road bikes available, and not all of them are the right choice for pulling a bike trailer. Some road bikes, especially the lightweight models of road bikes, do not have the stability or strength to pull a bike trailer. While choosing a bike to pull a bike trailer, make sure that the bikes come with the following qualities:

  • High-Quality Parts:

The majority of people who use their bikes to pull a bike trailer usually prefer branded and high-quality parts for their bikes.

  • A Triple Crankset:

Low gears are absolute essentiality if you want to tow your bike trailer on a hilly road or terrain. A triple crankset allows you access to the low gears.

  • 32 Spoke Wheels:

Lightweight or flimsy wheels are an absolute no when it comes to pulling a bike trailer.

  • Warrantied Aluminum or Steel Body:

Strong metal bodies are essential for a bike and are especially necessary if you want to trail children around in a bike trailer. Bikes with carbon fiber are common as well, but they are lightweight.

  • Good Fit:

If you already feel uncomfortable on your bike, a bike trailer will only enhance that discomfort. Choose a comfortable and easily adjustable bike for your own wellbeing.

The majority of the bicycle enthusiasts already own bicycles that check out all the boxes of pulling a bike trailer. Double-checking the stats and quality of the parts of your bike is always a good idea. Consider upgrading your bicycle before you attach a bike trailer to it if you have doubts about the strength and parts of your bike.

What Type of Bike Trailer Will Work Well With Road Bikes?

The type of bike trailer you choose will determine how the experience of pulling a bike trailer with a road bike will be. The right trailer will provide you with an easy and great experience, while the wrong trailer has the ability to make your experience miserable. Make sure to purchase a trailer that is ready for road bikes.

Buy a Road Bike Ready Bike Trailer

The one thing that every cyclist must know is that no other trailers other than bike trailers are suitable for road bikes. You may think that this is an obvious thing to say, but trust us, it is worth saying. Any trailer except bike trailers, such as car or truck trailers, is too heavy and unstable to be pulled by a bike. 

If you want to pull a trailer with a vehicle that comes without a motor, then you must buy a trailer that is suitable for them. Bike trailers are typically attached to the rear wheel of the bicycle or to the seat of the bicycle.

What Are The Types of Bike Trailers You Can Purchase?

For the majority of the time, the types of bike trailers are categorized depending on the purpose for which they will be used. There are three types of bike trailers that are compatible with road bikes. These are:

  • Small Children Trailers:

Small child bike trailers are typically manufactured to carry babies and toddlers comfortably while a parent goes for a bike ride.

  • Child Trailers:

Child trailers are manufactured to carry children up to five years comfortably.

  • Cargo Trailers:

Cargo trailers are specifically used to carry products and items from one place to another using a bicycle.

can a road bike pull a bike trailer

Cost of a bicycle trailer

The cost of purchasing a bike trailer depends on the brand and the size of the trailer. Although it is possible to find bike trailers for as little as $70, the majority of the bike trailers cost around $100 to $300.

If you wish to buy a luxurious bike trailer, you might have to pay a larger amount of money. There are some bike trailers available in the market that cost about $1000 or more. With that being said, it is not essential to pay a significant amount of money for a bike trailer if you do not want to.

How Can We Attach A Bike Trailer To A Road Bike?

Now that you have purchased both the bike and the bike trailer, it is time for you to start trailing your stuff from one place to another. The process of attaching a bike trailer to a road bike is pretty simple and can be done within a few minutes. Bike trailers usually come with a hitch that is attached to the bike.

Attaching the hitch to the bike is often the hardest part. Thus, we have brought a step-to-step guide on how to hook a hitch to a road bike.

  1. Examine The Hitch:

Trailer hitches usually go in three places: the saddle, the rear wheel, and the bicycle frame. Examine the hitch to find out which place out of the three works best with your road bike.

  1. Clasp The Hitch Around The Preferred Bicycle Part:

Each hitch is different from the other, but almost all of them will require screws or other mechanisms to attach the trailer to the bike. The trailer usually comes with instructions on how you have to attach the trailer.

  1. Secure The Trailer:

After attaching the trailer to the bike, make sure that it is appropriate and properly set by securing the trailer in place.

  1. Test The Trailer:

Give a hard pull to the trailer to make sure that it is secure in place. It is always a great idea to check on the trailer position before hitting the road.

  1. Load The Trailer:

After testing the trailer, it is now time to load the trailer with whatever you want to tow with your bike. If you are using the trailer to carry children, make sure that they are safe and comfortable.

  1. Test The Trailer One More Time:

Test the trailer again after loading it up to ensure that it is safe and secure. Double-checking the bike trailer is never a bad idea.

  1. Start Biking:

After taking all the safety measurements and completing the checking, all you have to do is start riding your bicycle.

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Tips For Pulling A Bike Trailer With a Road Bike

Biking with a bike trailer is not easy if you put it up for comparison with regular cycling. It will pressurize the legs more and will undoubtedly require more effort. Here are a few tips that will help you to pull a bike trailer with a road bike:

  • Use Low Gears:

Although high gears are great for cycling at high speed, it is not great when it comes to using sheer power. A low gear helps the bicycle rider to prevent leg or ankle sprain.

  • Avoid Using Uneven Roads And Secure The Items That You Are Towing:

Bumpy or uneven roads will cause your bike trailer to move along in an unstable manner and might cause the items in your trailer to fall out.

  • Avoid Hilly Roads And Regions At The Beginning:

As we mentioned above, riding a bike with a trailer is harder than riding a bike in general. Thus, train yourself with a trailer on flat and even roads first before attempting to tow a bike trailer on slopy or hilly regions.

  • Make Wider Turns:

You might be able to make sharp turns if you do not have a trailer attached to your bike. But it will be difficult to make sharp turns when you have a trailer attached. Practice taking wider turns before you bring your bike trailer out on busy streets and roads.

  • Make Sure That You Are Wearing A Helmet:

It does not matter whether you have a trailer attached to your bike or not. Your safety must always be your first priority. Thus, do not forget to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

  • Adjust The Height Of The Saddle To Provide More Power:

Power is an essential factor while the bike trailer with a road bike. Many people lack the power of pulling a bike trailer properly due to the low height of the bicycle saddle. Adjust the height of the bicycle saddle properly. This adjustment will provide your legs with more power, and pulling a trailer will be easier.

  • Check Which Bikes Are Compatible With The Bike Trailers:

Bike trailer manufacturers often attach an instruction manual with the trailers to help the riders figure out whether their bikes are compatible with the type of trailers they are using.

The good news is that almost all types of road bikes are compatible with bike trailers. In the majority of cases, you will be able to attach the trailer to your bike within a few minutes as it comes with all the necessary instruments and tools.

Final Thoughts:

If you can use a solid road bike made from aluminum or steel, then you can pull a bike trailer with a road bike. Avoid using road bikes that are made of carbon fiber when it comes to pulling a trailer, as carbon fiber makes a road bike lightweight. Lightweight road bikes are not appropriate for pulling a bike trailer.

Before attaching and pulling a bike trailer, make sure that you are comfortable riding a road bike around you. At the end of the day, if you find it enjoyable and right to pull a trailer with a road bike, then it is probably the right option for you. We hope that we have answered one of your most asked questions, “Can Road Bikes Pull Bike Trailers?”.

can a road bike pull a bike trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Can A Road Bike Pull A Bike Trailer

Can Bike Trailers Go On Any Bike?

Yes, bike trailers can be attached to all types of bicycles. You can attach bike trailers with road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, hybrid bikes, and even cruiser bikes. But the main concern is the stability, strength, terrain, and so on that determine whether the certain bike type is compatible or suitable for pulling a bike trailer.

Are Bike Trailers Bad For Bikes?

Although bike trailers increase the weight of the bike and the overall load on the bike, these trailers cause negligible damage to the bikes. The additional resistance of two extra wheels of the trailer may make the pedaling experience of your bike much less enjoyable. But a lightweight and less powerful bike may elevate the issue of comfort.

How To Transport Your Bike Trailer?

The best method of transporting your bike trailer is to attach the trailer to the bike. Hitch the trailer to the bike and ensure that the trailer is set in place properly. 


In conclusion, if you have a solid road bike made from aluminum or steel and are comfortable with the idea of towing a trailer, it can be a great choice. Ensure you are familiar with your bike and practice towing the trailer in safe conditions before embarking on longer trips.

The key to a successful experience is to choose the right equipment, make necessary adjustments for towing, and prioritize safety for both the cyclist and passengers or cargo.

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