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Framed Impact XL BMX Bike: Unleash Extreme Rides!

Framed Impact Xl Bmx Bike

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The Framed Impact XL BMX Bike is a durable entry-level option ideal for new riders. Its robust design supports BMX freestyling and casual riding.

The Framed Impact XL BMX Bike serves as a reliable introduction to the world of BMX for aspiring riders. It boasts a sturdy steel frame and fork, withstanding the rigors of BMX stunts and jumps, ensuring it’s a perfect choice for individuals taking their first step into BMX freestyle or those who want a solid bike for everyday use.

The bike comes equipped with 20-inch wheels, suitable for riders who require a slightly larger setup for comfort and control. Its simplicity and affordability make the Framed Impact XL a sensible choice for beginners looking to explore BMX riding without committing to a high-end model.

With essential features for both performance and durability, the Framed Impact XL stands out as an accessible bike that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Framed Impact XL BMX Bike: Unleash Extreme Rides!


Introduction To Framed Impact Xl Bmx Bike

Thrill-seekers and BMX enthusiasts, meet the Framed Impact XL BMX Bike. This bike blends style with performance. It’s perfect for beginners wanting to enter the BMX world. The Impact XL promises fun and adventure. Let’s dive into what makes this bike a must-have for riders.

Birth Of An Icon: The Framed Bmx Series

With its debut, the Framed BMX series changed the game. Each bike showcases durable frames and responsive handling. The series caters to all skill levels. The Impact XL owns the streets with its iconic design. It offers a sturdy build for riders ready to make their mark.

What Sets The Impact Xl Apart?

The Impact XL stands out with its unique features. These are:

  • High-Tensile Steel Frame: Offers durability.
  • 20-Inch Wheels: Great for tricks and stunts.
  • Suitable Geometry: Comfortable for new BMXers.
  • Easy to Upgrade: Customize as skills improve.

This BMX isn’t just another bike. It’s the beginning of a thrilling journey.

Framed Impact XL BMX Bike: Unleash Extreme Rides!


Design & Build

Let’s talk about the design and build of the Framed Impact XL BMX Bike. This bike is known for its robust construction and eye-catching looks. It’s no surprise that it stands out in the park. Whether you’re pulling off stunts or cruising the streets, its design spells both durability and cool.

Tough And Stylish: Frame And Fork Specs

The Framed Impact XL comes with a high-tensile steel frame that is both lightweight and sturdy. This means it can take on bumps and jumps without a hitch. The frame’s geometry is BMX-specific, designed for aerial tricks and tight turns.

  • 20-inch Top Tube – Perfect for teens and adults
  • U-brake mounts – Precision stopping power
  • Integrated headtube – For a cleaner look and stronger design
  • Full high-tensile steel fork – Provides impact resistance

Wheelset And Tires: Rigged For Performance

The wheels of the Framed Impact XL are built to match the resilience of the frame. Equipped with 20-inch alloy rims and 3/8 inch axles, these wheels offer stability and smooth rides. The tires are another highlight, boasting a tread pattern suitable for various terrains.

Wheel Size20-inch
Rim MaterialAlloy
Tire Width2.3 inch
Tread PatternOptimized for grip and speed

Performance Features

The Framed Impact XL BMX bike boasts features designed for riders ready to up their game. Precision and durability define this bike. Let’s dive into the performance features that set the Impact XL apart on the track and in the air.

Gearing Up For Tricks: Drivetrain And Cranks

The drivetrain is the heart of any BMX bike, and the Framed Impact XL shines in this crucial area. Crafted for high performance, the Impact XL features a robust drivetrain and crankset to match. Here’s what you get:

  • Solid Steel Cranks: Built to withstand the toughest landings.
  • 25T Sprocket: Perfect for quick acceleration and ample torque.
  • 9T Cassette: Responsive and reliable for consistent performance.
  • Sealed Bearings: Ensure a smooth ride and less maintenance.

Riders experience a seamless blend of speed and control, ideal for both street and park tricks. The gearing ratio is tuned to help cyclists pop wheelies or nail that next 360 with ease.

Stopping Power: Brakes And Safety

A BMX bike’s stopping power is just as important as its ability to go fast. The Framed Impact XL doesn’t cut corners when it comes to your safety. Here’s a snapshot of the brake setup:

  • Rear Alloy U-Brake: Provides strong and responsive stopping.
  • Soft Rubber Grips: Enhance the leverage and control during braking.
  • Clear brake pads: Offer excellent stopping power without damaging rims.
  • 360-degree Handlebar Rotation: Ensures cables don’t tangle during tricks.

The Impact XL’s brakes are responsive and easy to engage, giving bikers confidence. Riders can focus on mastering tricks, knowing they have the power to stop when needed.

Rider Experience

Imagine gliding on a bike that feels like an extension of yourself. That’s what the Framed Impact XL BMX Bike offers. Every twist, turn, and trick is effortless. Satisfaction comes with every ride, from beginner jumps to pro-level stunts. Let’s dive into what makes the rider experience with this bike truly special.

Comfort In The Air: Seat And Handlebars

Bikes that fly need the best seat and handlebars for control and comfort. The Framed Impact XL checks both boxes. When you’re airborne, a comfortable seat is the difference between smooth landings and rough falls. The padded seat on this BMX is designed for the skies. It lets you focus on your tricks, not on discomfort.

The handlebars are no less crucial. They balance strength and grip, giving you full control mid-air. And with their ergonomic design, your hands will say ‘thank you’ after each session.

Adaptability: For Newbies And Pros Alike

The Framed Impact XL doesn’t play favorites. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve got a pocketful of championships, this bike adapts to you. Beginners love the stability and forgiving nature of the frame. It helps them learn without fear.

Pros dig the responsiveness and customizability. It allows them to refine their style and add new layers to their skill-set. With this bike, progress is on your terms, and the limits? Well, they’re just challenges waiting to be conquered.

Durability And Maintenance

A BMX bike like the Framed Impact XL isn’t just designed for tricks and jumps; it’s also built to withstand the test of time.

Durability and maintenance are crucial to keeping your bike in top form. Let’s break down how the Framed Impact XL ensures lasting performance and how you can maintain it effectively.

Built To Last: Materials And Longevity

The Framed Impact XL BMX bike boasts premium-quality materials that contribute to its resilience.

From the high-tensile steel frame to the sturdy alloy rims, each component is chosen for its balance of strength and weight. This ensures riders enjoy both longevity and agility when performing stunts.

FrameHigh-Tensile SteelDurability

Keeping The Ride Smooth: Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your BMX bike ensures every ride is smooth and safe. Here’s a quick checklist to help.

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down your bike after every ride to prevent dirt buildup.
  • Tire Inspection: Check for wear and ensure tires are properly inflated before each ride.
  • Brakes Check: Test your brakes often for responsiveness.
  • Chain Lubrication: Apply bike-specific lubricant to your chain regularly.

Don’t forget: tighten your bolts and check for any loose parts every few weeks. A well-maintained bike provides a better ride and lasts longer.

Framed Impact XL BMX Bike: Unleash Extreme Rides!


Upgrades And Customizations

Riding the Framed Impact XL BMX Bike is just the start. Bikers love to tweak and personalize their rides. This BMX stands as a stellar canvas for creativity and performance enhancements. Get ready to transform your bike to suit your unique style and riding preferences.

Making It Your Own: Personalization Options

Personalizing your BMX means more than a new paint job. It’s about expression and functionality.

  • Decals & Stickers: Add your flair with custom graphics.
  • Grips: Choose colors and patterns for better control and comfort.
  • Seats: Custom seats boost comfort and style.
  • Tyres: Colored or patterned tyres to stand out.

Upgrade Path: Recommended Components

Upgrading your Framed Impact XL isn’t just about looks. Performance parts can change how you ride. Start with essentials for the best experience.

WheelsDurability and smoother rideDouble-wall rims
CranksBetter torque and speed controlThree-piece cranks
HandlebarsMore comfort and trick capabilityHigher-rise bars
PedalsImproved grip and foot stabilityMetal platform pedals
ChainLess maintenance, smoother rideHalf-link chain

Community And Culture

The Framed Impact XL BMX Bike is not just about riding. It’s about joining a thriving community that celebrates culture on wheels. This bike stands as a bridge, connecting passionate riders across the globe. It’s a culture rich with excitement, camaraderie, and relentless dedication. The Impact XL community welcomes both novices and pros, inviting them to share in the joy and challenge of BMX. Below, delve into the heart of this dynamic culture.

Riders Unite: The Impact Xl Community

Riders of all skill levels find common ground with the Impact XL BMX. It provides a platform for sharing tricks, tips, and experiences. Community meet-ups define this bike’s spirit. Here, bonds strengthen as riders push each other to new heights.

  • Weekly local rides
  • Online forums and groups
  • Inclusive atmosphere for new members
  • Social media exchanges of Impact XL highlights

Bmx Culture: Competitions And Events

Competitions and events serve as the pulse of BMX culture. The Impact XL community participates with enthusiasm. Events provide a showcase for talent and hard-earned skills, along with friendly rivalry.

Event NameDateLocation
Framed Fury ContestJune 12, 2023Los Angeles, CA
Impact Jam SessionJuly 23, 2023Orlando, FL
Urban Trick ShowdownAugust 14, 2023Austin, TX

Purchase And After-sales

Ready to ride the waves of excitement with a Framed Impact XL BMX Bike? The thrill doesn’t end after your purchase. It’s time for the scoop on snagging the best deals and support you can lean on.

Where To Buy: Best Deals And Retailers

Buying your Framed Impact XL BMX just got easier. Top retailers offer amazing deals. Look out for:

  • Official Framed website: Often features exclusive discounts.
  • Specialty bike shops: Personal service plus expert advice.
  • Online marketplaces: Competitive prices with easy comparisons.

Sign up for newsletters and alerts. They bring hot deals straight to your inbox. Check for bundle offers that include gear and accessories.

Customer Care: Warranty And Support

Your Framed Impact XL BMX bike comes with reliable customer care. The warranty and support details:

ComponentWarranty Period
Parts1 Year

Contact the customer service team for support. They’re ready to help with assembly, maintenance tips, and warranty claims. Keep your receipt and paperwork handy for a hassle-free experience.

Concluding The Extreme Ride

The Framed Impact XL BMX Bike has taken riders on a wild journey. From concrete jungles to dirt paths, it’s been an adventure of speed, agility, and strength.

Final Thoughts: Is The Impact Xl For You?

The Impact XL is dream gear for thrill-seekers. Here’s why:

  • Durable frame withstands rough rides.
  • Smooth handling for tricks and jumps.
  • Comfortable design ensures long sessions.

Are you a beginner or an experienced rider? This bike fits all. Its versatility and robustness make the Impact XL a top choice for enthusiasts.

Riding Into The Future: Anticipated Upgrades

As fans await, upgrades will enhance performance.

Lighter wheelsBoost speed, reduce fatigue.
Improved brakesSuperior control, safety.
Custom colorsPersonalize your ride.

Stay tuned as the Framed Impact XL evolves, redefining BMX standards.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Framed Impact Xl Bmx Bike

What Size Bmx Bike Do Pros Ride?

Professional BMX riders typically choose bikes with 20-inch wheels. Frame sizes may vary, but a top tube length of 20. 5 to 21. 5 inches is common for comfort and performance.

What Size Bmx Should I Get For My Height?

Choose a BMX size based on rider height: under 4′ for a mini, 4′ to 4’6″ for a junior, 4’6″ to 5′ for an expert, and over 5′ for a pro model. Opt for a 20″ top tube for full-sized riders.

Where Are Framed Bikes Made?

Framed Bikes designs its bicycles in the United States while manufacturing is predominantly done in Asia.


Wrapping up, the Framed Impact XL BMX bike stands out as a top pick for riders seeking performance and style. Its sturdy build and sleek design deliver on the promise of a thrilling ride.

Perfect for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, this BMX is a smart investment for anyone passionate about biking.

Embrace the adventure it offers and ride with confidence!

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