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Which Is The Best Bicycle For Delivery : Top 8 Recommendations For Riders!

best bicycle for delivery

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The food delivery market is expected to grow by $325 billion by 2029. Plus, online shopping and delivery will grow by $6.5 trillion by 2023. These two statistics show the rapid rise and importance of a proper delivery system.

Are you a small entrepreneur, large-scale delivery company owner, or looking for a part-time delivery job? The statistics are inspiring for all. However, for all these, you need the fittest delivery medium. And what could be better than a bicycle delivery?

Yes, the best bicycle for delivery will help you skip traffics. It also reaches the destination faster, reduces the shipping cost, and is convenient. It further contributes to environment-friendliness. Hence, a bike delivery messenger service is one of the most popular and acceptable shipping mediums.

Looking at these tremendous benefits of a bicycle for delivery, we invested hours in research. And what’s the result? Here, we have found 8 top delivery bicycles at affordable pricing under $1000. These bikes will be great for working as a delivery messenger or setting up a delivery start-up to serve online businesses.

The 8 Best Bicycle For Delivery Reviews:

Following the boom in the online business and food delivery market, the courier and delivery service sector has grown rapidly. The report in Elluminati shows that the global courier and delivery market is expected to grow by 12% each year. Also, a food delivery man earns around $62000 annually in the USA. It is higher than their national income.

Keeping all this information in mind, we present you with the top delivery bicycles to kick start a promising career.

Top Bikes for Delivery:

  1. Schwinn Hinge Adult Folding Bike: Best Folding Bike for Food Delivery

“You can fold this bike in less than 20 seconds and may carry it in the large Vinyl plastic bag for storage during deliveries.”

  • Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike: Best All-purpose Bike

“You can ride the bike both on city streets and mountains with exceptional braking quality. Also, it has 21-speed shifters for the smoothest rides.”

  • Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Cruiser Bike: Best food delivery bike for women

Sixthreeezero has developed this cruiser bike for women. Its improved drag and cruising facility makes it a top choice for delivery and fun rides.”

  • ANCHEER 26″ Aluminum Electric Bike: Best electric bike for food delivery

“This e-bike with a sturdier frame and 19MPH of top speed will surely help you reach delivery points faster. Also, it is lightweight and easy to ride without being fatigued.”

  • NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults: Best bike for long mileage

“The Nakoto e-bike will be useful for long-distance deliveries with 35 miles of battery range. It also has good speed and reliable performance on both highways and city roads.”

  • ANCHEER Large Mountain Electric Bike A perfect bike for all-terrain

Ancheer made this bike mainly for mountain riding. Yet, it has great brakes, standard wheel, and comfy saddle for smoother rides on every terrain.”

  • ANCHEER Electric Sunshine Bike 350W: Most affordable delivery bike

“You can choose the electric bike without any doubt because of its affordability. It will be a handy deal to kick-start your online delivery career for a brighter future.”

  • VIVI Folding Electric Bike: Best folding electric bike for food delivery

“It is an electric bike, and you can fold it. These two features make it an ideal choice for all. Also, its 250W motor is quite capable for comfier and smoother rides.”

1. Schwinn Hinge Adult Folding Bike:

With little over 33 pounds, quick folding capacity, and a sturdy carrying bag, the Schwinn folding bike is a dream for delivery workers. It has all the bells and whistles to make it an ideal choice for all. Yes, it is a perfect daily commuter and a delivery bike.

You can’t go wrong with its amazing features. First of all, it comes at incredibly affordable pricing. At just a little over $300, Schwinn folding bike is the go-to option for a novice delivery worker. You won’t need to spend hefty money. Still, you will get brilliant support from this bike.

Anyone aged 14 or more can use the bike. Plus, it has 220 pounds of weight carrying capacity. It is a nice addition to parcels and deliveries. You can take many foods and online parcels for delivery with it. On top of it, you will get a sturdy vinyl-made storage bag. You can either fold and store the bike in it or use the bag as your delivery baggage.

Moreover, you can fold the bike in three easy steps in less than 1 minute. So, you can safely store it when waiting in restaurants for deliveries. You won’t need to park the bicycle. We loved this feature as thieves can’t grab your bicycle.

Also, it has a strong but lightweight alloy frame. It makes riding the bike comfier than ever. You will find its carrier quite sturdy. The fender is designed cleverly to keep you neat and clean on every road. Last but not least, its 20-inch wheels will quietly move over the streets. So, you won’t find any fatigue even after daylong delivery service.

You can also use it to meet your daily commuting. Hence, you will love its versatility. It comes 100% assembled and makes your life easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy foldable and storable bike
  • It supports a maximum weight of 220lbs
  • Features a lifetime warranty
  • Reasonable price and convenient riding
  • Compact 30” x 32” x 11” foldable design

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Whether you are a man or a woman, this hybrid bike will serve you equally. Schwinn is undoubtedly a top bicycle manufacturer. Their Discovery Hybrid Bike is their top-of-the-line bike. So, you will never have to worry about its quality, performance, and longevity.

It has 700ccc wheels. Schwinn suggests 5.7″ to 5.11″ riders for the bike. However, in our test, we found that even 5.6″ to 5.11″ persons can easily ride the hybrid bike. So, don’t skip this brilliant food delivery bicycle if you are a short person. It is made for tall and short people, equally. You will love its sturdy and larger carrier during food and goods delivery.

Moreover, you will find riding moments quite smooth and comfortable. The bike offers the comfiest rides thanks to its suspension fork and fits geometry. Its sturdy alloy hybrid frame is made for lasting performance too.

So, you will never worry about its longevity. The studier frame means you can take the bicycle through any terrains. It is useful since you never know where you have to deliver the goods. It brings peace of mind to delivery workers.

Next up, the bike has linear-pull and 21-speed shifters. So, you will love its exceptional stopping capacity for the brakes. Also, a 21-speed shifter ensures you can change the gears with ease. The powerful brake is useful during emergencies. Of course, the last thing you won’t want to collide with others to damage the food and goods for delivery and pay fines for it.

Henceforth, we rate the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike as a top choice for delivery. You can also use it for daily commuting, medium-distance rides, and fun times.

Highlighted Features:

  • One of the best bikes for delivery under $1000
  • Linear pull brakes for quick stooping facility
  • Suitable for tall people and medium people
  • It comes with 21-speed shifters and a rear derailleur

3. Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero made this cruiser bike for beach lovers for a relaxed trip. Yet, it made it into the best bicycle for food delivery due to its comfort, versatility, and riding ease. A woman will find this bike made for their physique and strength.

The bike weighs only 34 pounds. So, it falls under the lightweight bike category. It benefits women greatly since they will struggle to ride heavier bikes. The cruiser bike also easily holds up to 300 pounds of weight, making it a perfect deal for daylong delivery.

For comfort and stability, the bike offers some marvelous features. To begin with, you will get an upright riding style with the cruiser handlebars. So your shoulder and back will feel comfortable. The saddle is wider, which offers greater support on your back. On top of it, foam grips on the handlebar ensure better grips even during the most humid days.

Furthermore, it has wide aluminum wheels. The wheels have wider tires with a waffle trade pattern. It provides comfortable rolling with cushioned riding. Also, a single-speed feature of the bicycle improves its control and stability.

The bike will offer excellent performance when you are ready to deliver goods and food. It is a brilliant option for women delivery workers. So, with this bike, you never have to deal with odds to take up delivery as a part-time or full-time profession.

Finally, the bike also looks impressive with an eye-catchy black component design. You won’t have to compromise comfort, quality, and look during the delivery works at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly comfortable and affordable bike
  • Supports up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Suitable for riders between 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches
  • The comfortable saddle and handlebar design
  • Ideal for cruisers, commuting, and highways equally

4. ANCHEER 26″ Aluminum Electric Bike

Are you looking for the best electric bike for food delivery at a reasonable price? If yes, the Ancheer 26″ e-bike is your go-to option. In the recent past, electric bikes have become a popular and efficient way of transportation and delivery. And the Ancheer 26″ electric bike is no exception with smooth riding performance.

The bike has a 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery. It powers the 250W motor. Thus, you will get a 35 miles range with a 19MPH top speed. So you can reach your delivery locations faster. It helps you deliver more items to earn more. Also, with 35 miles of battery range, you can cover a large area. It will be truly useful for delivering in large cities.

Even if the battery drains out, you can crank up a few more miles with the pedal-assistance mode. So, you will find it incredibly handy. We found the battery charges within 4 to 5 hours. It is quite well, but it would have been better with a fast-charging capacity.

Nonetheless, the electric bike has a 6-speed gear. It allows you to change the gear and speed with ease. Plus, it comes in handy for riding in hilly regions. You can, therefore, go in the hilly regions, high-altitude terrains, and off-road with the e-bike.

You can adjust the settings comfortably. It improves riding smoothness and stability. Also, the wide design of the handlebar provides a good sitting and riding experience. You will also find its step-through frame helpful for easy mounting and demounting on the bike. The step-through design is handy whether you are short or tall.

Lastly, the lightweight design and aggressive tire tread pattern will further boost your riding comfort. You won’t become fatigued even after delivering goods with the superb e-bike food delivery vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • Lightweight and strong design
  • Top speed of 19mph
  • It can be used as a normal bike

5. NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults

In the world of high-quality electric bikes, we can clearly say that the NAKTO electric bike is one of the best bicycles for delivery under $1000.You can get the electric bike in 250W and 350W motor versions, which should easily suit your delivery requirements.

With the 350W motor, you will get 25MPH of top speed. So, you can ride faster and deliver the food and goods on time. You can earn more if you don’t delay delivering the food items. Also, Nakto has used a 36V 10Ah battery for the e-bike. It provides you with 30 to 35 miles of range. The mileage is counted with pedal-assistance mode.

Its higher mileage and top speed make it the top electric bike for delivery in NYC. You can cruise through NYC roads and reach your delivery destination comfily with the electric bike. The battery charges faster than the ANCHEER 26″ Aluminum Electric Bike. So, you will enjoy a better riding experience with this e-bike.

Furthermore, the NAKTO electric bikes are manufactured using a high-quality carbon steel frame. You can choose any speed on this bike with the V brake in the front and the expansion brake on the rear side. Plus, it includes a six-speed Shimano transmission system. The brakes provide a safe ride, and the LED headlamp and horn make night riding easier. So, you can now continue your delivery service even at night.

NAKTO offers a warranty of 1 year on the e-bike and the battery. Also, it comes 95% assembled, which eases your usability. Long story short, you will love riding the bike for both deliveries and regular uses. You can roam around your neighborhood and city peacefully and comfily with two different riding modes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly reasonable price
  • 35 miles of long mileage
  • A strong carbon steel frame is lightweight
  • LCD for settings and bike conditions awareness
  • A brighter LED headlight improves visibility

6. ANCHEER Large Mountain Electric Bike

We have already discussed the ANCHEER 26″ Aluminum Electric Bike as one of the best e-bikes for couriers. This time, we introduce even a better option from Ancheer with the large electric bike. You can choose between 250W and 500W motor options.

Therefore, depending on your food delivery requirement and budget, you can easily choose from these two options. Both motors include a 288Wh 36V battery. It powers the 500W motor adequately. So, you won’t find any complaints.

Moreover, the electric mountain bike is made of a 100 percent strong aluminum alloy frame. So, it offers brilliant strength. Its high-strength carbon steel packs with premium shock absorption. The combination improves comfort. You will face fewer shocks and impacts when riding through uneven and rough terrains.

Next, this e-bike comes with anti-slip, wear-resistant, and bead-spoke wheels. So you won’t slip and skid on wet roads. Plus, the 26 inches alloy wheels are ideal for long-distance rides with less fatigue. Larger tires also offer better stability.

Additionally, its front and rear brakes are made of disc brake systems. It assured brilliant stopping performance whenever needed. It also features a 3-speed chain wheel, 7-speed freewheel, and a 21-speed transmission system. The combination makes it a perfect deal for mountain rides. Also, you will love its commuting and urban riding performance satisfactory.

The smart battery has a fast-charging capacity. Plus, you will get 3 riding modes. You can control them with the smart LED button. The button is easily reachable too. You won’t find it difficult to control its settings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for all types of terrain
  • Features a smart fast-charging battery
  • Anti-slip and wear-resistant tire
  • Easy to assemble and ride
  • 3 riding modes with 31 miles of the maximum range

7. ANCHEER Electric Sunshine Bike 350W

When you start your food delivery career, you may not have the money to invest in an expensive, high-end electric bike. At that moment, you can choose the Sunshine 350W e-bike without any doubt.

The bike comes at a budget-friendly price. Yet, it hardly compromises with the top features. It equips with a high-speed 350W brushless motor that provides enough power to reach 20mph of maximum speed. We understand that the 20MPH speed for an electric bike isn’t adequate. Yet, we included the bike in the list for its comfort, safety features, and above all, unthinkably longer mileage.

Yes, with a single charge of the full battery, you will get 22 to 40 miles of riding distance. So, you can cover more delivery locations. Also, it is built with a light and strong aluminum alloy frame. The wheels are also made up of aluminum alloy double-walled rims. It features a durable, high-strength suspension fork and professional 21-speed gears.

Of course, these outstanding features make it a sought-after bicycle for delivery services. It has the least maintenance requirements too. So, you don’t need to spend heavily after buying the best electric bike for food delivery.

Furthermore, its front and rear mechanical disc brakes elevate your riding comfort to the next level. It also protects you while riding. This bike has three working modes: e-bikes, pedal-assisted, and normal bike. You may easily shift between these modes to meet your riding necessity.

Henceforth, you will love the e-bike. Apart from food delivery, you can also buy it for regular rides on city streets. The bike won’t disappoint you.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-speed 350W brushless motor
  • The easy parts replacement design
  • Mechanical disc brakes for better stopping facility
  • Three working modes for all riding necessity
  • Ideal for both city streets and hilly rides

8. VIVI Folding Electric Bike

Vivi was previously known for making fancy bikes. However, they showed their serious bike-making ability with this folding electric bike. We were impressed with its 2-in-1 benefits. Yes, its folding facility and electric design make it a superior food delivery bicycle.

This bike features a high-speed brushless motor of 350W. The larger motor offers more stable power than the average 250W motor. So, you will find the difference once you ride the bike. It suits all sorts of roads and terrains and swiftly speeds up to 20mph. Also, its 8Ah battery provides you with 22-25 miles of full-electric riding convenience.

Surely, it is impressive for such a smaller battery. Plus, a smaller battery means you can charge it faster. With the growing outdoor charging stations, you will love it. This bike also has a 7-speed SHIMANO shifter, dual disc brakes, and derailleurs.

Like most electric bikes, it also has three riding modes. You can easily shift between the modes with the button on the handlebar. The upright handlebar also offers good riding comfort. The only setback of the bike is its smaller size. If you are a taller person, we discourage getting you the Vivi folding bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual disc brakes and derailleur
  • 7-speed SHIMANO shifter
  • Dual aluminum-alloy walled rims improve longevity
  • Speeds up to 20 MPH with 25 miles of range

Buying Guide for the Best Bicycle for Delivery

Buying a bike can feel intimidating as there are thousands of choices. It becomes even more confusing when you look for the right bicycle for delivery. So, you must be picky with it. The factors that you must consider before buying a delivery bicycle are:

Bike Type:

The ideal bike type you need will depend on the routes you frequently travel on while delivering. In case you haven’t started delivering yet but are going to start in the future, gather some rough knowledge about the areas you will typically have to cover on your job.

Odds are, you will simply be traveling on the road rather than having to encounter some hilly or unpaved terrain. However, if the latter scenario is true, then we suggest you opt for a mountain bike or a hybrid bike which offers more protection and stability to tackle rocky and slope routes.

But if you only have to stay on the road which is the most common answer then you won’t need a heavy mountain bike wearing you down. A road bike will offer you much more speed due to its lightweight components and thinner tires.

Another very good option is to opt for an e-bike. This offers a whole lot more speed, going up to 20 mph and more. As a result, you cover many more miles and so can make more deliveries and earn more! While you may not get an awesome e-bike under $1000, you may want to bump up a few hundred dollars and take solace in the idea that the faster speed will earn you back the money and more in the long run.

Our final bike type suggestion is the cargo bike. As the name suggests, the cargo bike is designed to … well, carry goods! And the job of a delivery person is to … exactly! To carry goods!

But, honestly speaking, cargo bikes aren’t essential for delivery. Not unless you are carrying very heavy goods which you cannot or do not want to carry in your backpack or hang on the front of the cycle. Plus, cargo bikes are expensive and heavy due to the attached carts. The extra weight obviously slows you down.

Key Note: Try to avoid the mountain bike unless you have to pass through hills or rocky paths while delivering. And the e-bike is the overall best delivery bike type if you can afford it, of course.


Really, we could list all of the components of a bicycle and connect each of their importance (or lack thereof) regarding delivery bicycles. However, for the sake of brevity (whatever much there is!), we are simply listing out the main variables. And the main variable, for sure, of the best bicycles for delivery, is speed.

Why? Simple reason: The faster you go, the more deliveries you can make, and the more money you can make (or the less time you have to spend on work if the payment is weekly or monthly instead of being based on the number of deliveries you do).

The e-bike, again, is your best choice because of its high speed. A road bike also has good speeds, but a mountain of cargo bike is relatively slow. Suspensions on mountain bikes further slow you down.

Key Note: Prioritize speed as it is the most significant variable. An e-bike or road bike provides the highest speeds.


Hand in hand with speed goes effort. Obviously, if you slack while delivering, you will reach your destinations slower. The more effort you put into cycling, the faster you will go, right?

Well, not entirely and not always. You see, if you are riding an e-bike, you don’t need to put much effort at all, as it amplifies your effort by its motor power. In other words, e-bikes offer you the best of both worlds: less effort and maximum speed.

A heavier bike besides motor-powered ones will otherwise need more effort. What’s more, the extra weight might not even be from the bike but from the goods, you are carrying. More specifically, if your bike has suspension technology, some effort will be wasted on the suspensions instead of all the effort going to the pedals to move forward. Thus, effort does not always equate to faster speeds.

Key Note: More effort is needed to haul heavier goods and heavier bikes, but e-bikes offer maximum speeds with less effort.


By security, we don’t just mean being registered as a biker and having an official identity as a cyclist. That’s important. But here we are talking about anti-theft security. Bike theft is very common, and bike theft of delivery bikes is especially a concern because deliveries often require you to dismount from your bike and go up some floors to deliver the goods at the customer’s doorstep.

In other words, you might have to leave your delivery bike for a few minutes while you finish up the delivery procedure. If you neglect to lock up your bike for these crucial few minutes, then it could spell disaster for you: your bike may be stolen by the time you come back. Therefore, it is imperative you own a bike lock with which to secure your bicycle for delivery whenever you leave it unattended.

Determine your riding locations:

Online goods and food deliveries mostly took place in cities and suburbs. Thus, you must find the right bicycle for city streets. These bikes often have sleeker profiles, lightweight designs, and exceptional braking capacity.

You may also choose highway or mountain bikes. However, they will be costlier. These bikes aren’t good for the delivery business because they need more power.

Deciding on a budget:

Buying a bicycle without a proper or fixed budget often becomes a huge challenge. Just having a budget for the bike will not be enough. Your budget must include additional costs such as helmets, gloves, bottle cages, etc.

Check the size and design:

Bikes come in different sizes. Thus, you must choose the right size that matches your height. You must also check the design of the bike. It should be lightweight. It is crucial because a heavier bike will not suit your all-day riding and delivering necessities. Finally, look at the material of the bike. Usually, its frame is made of aluminum alloy. It should be sturdy enough to last a couple of years.

Battery capacity and motor power:

When you plan to get an e-bike for food delivery, you must also check its battery capacity and motor. If the e-bike has a smaller battery and an incompetent motor, it won’t suit your riding needs. You should try to get at least a 250W motor with 8Ah to 10Ah battery. Additionally, try to get an e-bike with smart controls for better convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a delivery bike?

A delivery bike is lightweight but built sturdy with a strong career for deliveries. Its stronger career allows you to place a large storage bag for carrying multiple items and deliver them faster.

Can you use a bike for Uber eats?

Yes, it is possible to use a bike for Uber Eats. You can normally sign up for Uber Eats delivery, like a car or motorcycle. Also, it is an affordable option.”

What skills do you need to be a bike courier?

You should navigate the GPS system properly, have strong communication skills, and dedication to being a bike delivery boy or courier. Some companies may ask for a high-school diploma, but it is rare.”

How much can I earn from food delivery?

Well, it depends on your contract and how the company runs. Normally, payment is done hourly. Another factor is the number of deliveries you can make. One other interesting factor is that your payment may rise during peak hours. For example, Uber Eats promises $19 per hour in peak hours (11 am – 3 pm) and $15 per hour otherwise. Pretty good, if you ask us! You’ll earn back your bike price in no time!

Is it okay to use a mountain bike for delivery?

Yup, if you have a mountain bike already, feel free to use


The world of online shopping is evolving with each passing day, and more and more people are switching to home delivery due to comfort and ease. Consequently, the majority of the delivery persons and companies use bicycles in order to make their deliveries fast and efficient.

The eight bicycles we have mentioned above are some of the best bicycles for delivery under a thousand dollars! These bicycles are perfect for people who are looking for a smart and efficient bicycle to make deliveries but are on a budget.

Even with this $1000 budget, we have offered you two choices: either go on the low end, at around $500 or less, with a non-e-bike or go with an e-bike that flirts with the $1000 upper limit. Of course, if you can increase the budget to a few hundred dollars, you will get more efficient and better overall e-bikes. However, the ones on our list can more than pull their weight (pun intended), and truly can be classified as the best bicycles for delivery under a grand.

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