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7 Best Bike Racks for Mini Cooper: In-Depth Overview

best bike racks for mini cooper

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Bike racks are necessities for cyclists, be they professional or recreational bikers. And if you have a great British ride like a MINI Cooper, you should invest in a MINI Cooper bike rack.

If you travel with your bike, a bike rack is a must. They lower the chances of bike theft, and bike unloading damages and, most importantly, eliminate most excuses to leave your bike at home!

Usually, the best bike rack brands come with a hefty price tag. So you’d want to make sure to do your research before buying one. In this article, we will be introducing you to some great bike rack options. To find the best bike rack for MINI Cooper cars, let’s get started.

Types of Bike Racks

First, let’s get you started with the basics. There are four main types of bike racks. Each has pros and cons over the other, including price, so select the one that suits you best. Even if you don’t own a Mini Cooper, be with us, as the bike racks will most probably fit your car as well!

Hitch-Mount Racks

A hitch mount rack is a relatively cheap way to use as a bike rack for your Mini Cooper. However, there is a prerequisite that your vehicle has to have a tow hitch fixed. As it happens, most vehicles do have one, which is used for towing trailers.

However, in case your vehicle does not have one fitted, you need extra costs to fit one before attaching a hitch mount rack.

There are two subcategories of hitch mount racks:

A hitch mount rack is a relatively cheap way to use as a bike rack for your Mini Cooper. However, there is a prerequisite that your vehicle has to have a tow hitch fixed. As it happens, most vehicles do have one, which is used for towing trailers.

However, in case your vehicle does not have one fitted, you need extra costs to fit one before attaching a hitch mount rack.

There are two subcategories of hitch mount racks:

Platform Style:

A relatively heavy platform is attached to the hitch. You can attach your bike securely on top of the platform, which means that the bicycle will sit securely on the platform hitch mount rack.

An advantage of the platform style is that you don’t have to worry about your bike’s frame being potentially damaged due to being in contact with the hitch-mount rack.

Since the bicycle rests on the rack on its wheels, the frame faces no extra pressure. As a general rule of thumb, if your bike has aluminum frames, it won’t be a problem. But if its frame is made of carbon, think about getting a platform-style hitch mount rack.

Hanging Cradle Style:

The bicycle hangs onto the rack and its wheels do not touch the ground or a mounted rack. This style is cheaper but also has disadvantages.

If the bicycles are not securely held in place, they may sway as you drive, resulting in potentially hitting other vehicles or your own car.

Moreover, if you are towing more than one bicycle, they may hit each other. At a minimum, you will need a new paint job for the minor bumps.

Whichever hitch-mount rack you choose platform style or hanging cradle style bear in mind that these disadvantages can be minimized or completely eliminated if you pay for an expensive mount rack.

For example, the best MINI Cooper bike racks, which we will be discussing in a bit, have anti-sway technology.

Another disadvantage of the hitch mount rack of both styles is that you may not be able to access your car trunk without dismounting the rack which, though, is not much of a hassle.

Trunk-Mount Racks

Similar to the hitch-mount rack, the trunk-mount rack also holds the bicycle on the back of the car, but instead of the tow hitch, the bicycle rests on a mounting rack attached to the car’s trunk and secured with straps.

The same disadvantage, thus, plagues the trunk-mount rack as you cannot access your trunk while it is mounted. However, it is the most economical of all the types of bike racks. The trunk-mount rack is also lighter than its hitch counterpart.

Spare Tire Mount Racks

The third type of bike rack also, as the name suggests, attaches the bike to the back of the car, this time fitted with a spare tire. Spare tire mount racks are also quite cheap and easy to install, but you also have to take your tire cover off.

More importantly, supposing you don’t have a spare tire, though, or if you don’t want to keep it at the back of your car, this option won’t really appeal to you.

Roof Mount Racks

The bike is fitted onto the roof of your car. It saves the trouble of having to dismount the rack to access your trunk, and it is also quite safe for your bikes and other vehicles on the road.

However, it is also more expensive. What’s more, it also needs a roof rack base carrier in order to fit. If you don’t have one installed, you will have to pay extra costs.

Besides this, there is the hassle of lifting your bicycle to the top of your car. Also, cheaper roof mount racks may require you to detach your bike wheels before attaching them. … yeah!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike Rack

Before going to the reviews, you should know which variables to look out for in order to gauge for yourself the value of the products.

These are the things you need to consider before buying the top bike racks for the Mini Cooper.

Weight Threshold

Bike racks can support a set amount of weight. The last thing you would want is for your bike rack to break and for your bike to splatter to the ground, being a hazard for other vehicles and pedestrians.

The best bike mounts are quite durable, but they do have a particular top weight they can support. This will of course be written on the label.

Typically, a bike rack can support 2-4 bikes. In general, you will only be needing to carry your bike along with you, so it won’t be a problem.

However, if you’re on a family vacation and several people want their bikes carried by your car, then this is very important.

Different bike racks also provide different weight thresholds. The trunk-mount rack and spare tire mount rack cannot hold more than two to three bikes, for example. Also, the weight threshold of a bike rack will impact its cost.

The upper weight limit of the mounting rack can be as low as 35 lbs, and it may go over 100 lbs for a bike rack that can carry four to five bikes.

Besides the weight limit, you also should pay attention to the number of bikes that your bike rack can support.

The two are not necessarily interrelated, as a hanging bike rack may have multiple arms, each supporting a set amount of weight. If the threshold is, say, 60 lbs, then each of the arms can hold a bike of 60 lbs or less.

Also, keep in mind that mountain bikes weigh almost twice as much as road bikes, and Kids’ bikes tend to be lighter.

But all in all, don’t worry too much about your bike(s) breaking your bike rack unless you have been too negligent to check for accumulated damage over time.

The Bike Frame

As mentioned, a hanging cradle-style hitch mount rack can open up the possibility of your bike frame being damaged. This occurs since the bike (or bikes) is hanging without the wheels touching a platform, for which reason the bike can sway and come into contact with obstacles.

There are two things you can do to minimize or prevent your bike frame from being damaged from swaying.

First, you can simply opt for another bike rack such as a trunk mount, or simply change the style from hanging cradle style to platform style.

Second, if you stick to a hanging cradle style, make sure that you buy a good model which has anti-sway technology and secures the bike(s) to the mount.

Trunk Access

One of the main disadvantages of three of the four bike rack types is that they block access to the trunk of your car. If you have a habit of accessing your car trunk frequently, or if the necessity is too much, then consider two things.

One, you can opt for a roof mount rack. For that, you may also have to go the extra mile (no pun intended) by buying a roof rack base carrier that holds the mount rack.

Two, you buy a good bike rack that allows you to access the car’s trunk. Many of the best hitch mount racks can be folded easily when you need to open the trunk. Remember that a trunk mount bike rack won’t have such a facility.

There are other smaller variables such as e-bike and RV compatibility. If you own an e-bike, we recommend you buy a hitch-mount bike rack, not a trunk-mount bike rack, as e-bikes are rather large and come in non-traditional shapes.

Also, selecting a platform-style hitch mount will save you the trouble of lifting up the heavy bike and hanging it. As for RVs, very few bike mounts are in fact compatible and recommended. If you do want one, opt for a big amount of 2″, not 1.25″ or less.


Naturally, budget plays a bigger role in choosing a bike rack since bike racks are expensive due to high manufacturing costs and fewer sells.

Still, it is an important investment for your Cooper. So, while making the purchase, you need to make sure you buy the best one in your budget.

Also, keep the fuel economy in mind when buying a bike rack for a Mini Cooper. Roof racks usually increase fuel costs. MINI Cooper bike rack hitch or rear styles will make less dent in your fuel budget.

Safety & Security

Most places don’t offer secured bike parking which is the number one reason for bike thefts. Try to buy an antitheft featuring a bike rack for MINI Cooper that you own.

While choosing a mini Cooper bike rack, make sure to think about visibility issues too. On a short car like a Mini Cooper, there is always a risk that a rear-end shunt could come through and smack in the heads of any rear-seat passengers.

7 Best Bike Racks for Mini Cooper

1. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack Trunk

Saris Bones is one of the top bike rack brands there is, and it is a great bike rack for mini cooper S. Though it is much more expensive than the average trunk mount bike rack, the quality speakers for itself.

It is able to carry 2-4 bikes, though we recommend going up to two bicycles since it is a trunk rack. But also since it is a trunk rack, it is not super light, weighing 11 lbs.

With its injection-molded limbs, high-end frame, and secure straps, you can rest assured that its quality and dependability are top-notch.

Not only that, but it also serves the environment as it is made of 100% recycled materials. But perhaps the most significant reason why you would love Saris Bones Bike Rack is that it suits over 90% of all top cars in the USA, and even fits in cars with spoilers!

The Saris Bones Car Bike Racks have a handful of models available on Amazon, but all have almost the same features. You are free to choose whichever one you want. A slightly darker black color is also available.

Here are the salient pros and cons of Saris Bones Bike Rack:

2. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack

This company truly produces deluxe items as the preferred bike racks for mini Cooper cars! One look at the gorgeous reddish-orange tint will tell you. The superficiality aside, this Tyger Auto Trunk bike rack is a state-of-the-art bike rack in every way, and it also comes at a reasonable cost.

But it’s still a trunk bike rack, so it inherently has a lot of disadvantages, right? Not really, because its safety strap holds the bike in place to minimize swaying, and its padded lower frame protects the bike frame from potential damage.

The cradles themselves are soft, so they are gentle when holding the bike frame. Oh, and it’s somewhat lighter than the previous bike rack, weighing 8.93 lbs.

The major disadvantage is that this trunk bike rack is only designed for carrying one bike. The upper weight limit capacity is 25 kg or 55 lbs, so it means you can safely carry your mountain bike.

Of course, Tyger Auto does make bike racks that can carry two or more bikes, but this specific deluxe model can’t.

Below are the positives and negatives of Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B as potential MINI bike racks:

3. Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks for 1 1/4 in. and 2 in. Hitch

Enter another deluxe bike rack with top-tier quality. The price is a bit high since this is a hitch-mount bike rack (whereas the previous two were both trunks mount bike racks), not to mention that it can carry three bikes.

Don’t scoff at the slightly high price, for there are other versions of this model which go at lesser costs. Another reason for the high cost is that this particular Allen Sports bike rack boasts a premier locking system. This holds the bike in place, keeping it from wobbling.

The straps are also quite secure and the cradle is gentle to your bike frame and is made of UV-resistant rubber. What’s more, the easily foldable arms of the rack and its quick tilt-away function allow you to easily access your car trunk if you so desire!

Yet another advantage a hitch rack holds over a trunk rack is less weight. Indeed, compared to the previous two bike racks, the Allen Sports bike hitch rack is over five times lighter, at just 1 kilogram!

And if you are not inclined to mechanically remove the bumper and notch the trim, this is an amazing MINI Cooper s bike rack.

Behold the incredible stats of one of the best bike racks for the Mini Cooper as well as for many other cars:

4. SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack for Cars

This is a totally different type of bike rack we have not quite discussed. Not quite, but technically, yes, as the SeaSucker Talon bike rack is a roof-mount bike rack. However, it does not require a base to attach itself.

Instead, as you might guess from the name, it uses suction power to hold the bike together. And it doesn’t even have to be set up on your car’s roof. It can also be set up on the car’s trunk (though that would cause you to lose access to the trunk) or even on the back glass!

What? Do you think it’s too good to be true? That its suction power isn’t strong enough to securely and safely hold down a bike? Put that fear to rest, as its maximum weight capacity is 45 lbs, which is much higher than the average mountain bike, and certainly much higher than a road or a Kids’ bike.

It’s 6 lbs, about 3 times lighter than the average trunk rack, and about two times lighter than our first discussed product. This lets you consider it one of the best bike racks for mini coopers.

And does it cause damage when it is stamped onto the car’s trunk or glass? Absolutely not. It was even tested at the Tour de France. In fact, the manufacturers are so incredibly confident in its quality that there is a money-back guarantee or replacement guarantee on Amazon!

The only major one: it can only carry one bike. If you want to carry two, then you have to buy two SeaSucker Talons. Oh, and it’ll also suck out a hefty monetary value, it being a deluxe product and all.

5. KAC Overdrive Sports K4 2” Hitch Mounted Rack 4-Bike Platform Style Carrier

Granted, this is by far the most expensive bike rack on our list. But it is deservedly so, we must say. With a load capacity of 60 lbs, and itself weighing a hefty 79 lbs, it can support up to 4 bikes.

The anti-wobble system holds your bike(s) firmly in place, and the quick-release tilting lever allows you to comfortably access the trunk whenever you need.

There’s also a padded hook, a locking hitch pin, and a safety strap for maximum safety. What’s more, there is even a rear reflector that enhances visibility at night to prevent potentially accidental collisions.

This large four-bike carrier can stick out like a fork at the back. Therefore, if you don’t need to carry four bikes which most of you don’t then you can easily convert the rack into a two-bike carrier. You can also load it with your bike accessories such as extra gear, helmets, etc.

While the pros are incredible, the cons too are quite significant. One is the price. The price! Most people will just stop when looking at that.

Secondly, the 79 lbs weight seems like a behemoth when compared to the others on the list. However, it’s not actually excessive when compared with other heavy-duty hitch mount racks.

Also, while e-bikes can be carried (though the recommendation is to take out the battery to lighten the load), this bike rack must not be used with an RV.

Also, if four bikes are attached, then a spare wheel cannot be added to the weight. Don’t risk it.

6. IKURAM 4 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier Racks Hitch Mount Double Foldable Rack

Will you believe it? A 4-bike carrier at more than five times less the price than the previous product which is also a 4-bike carrier? Yes, for real! IKURAM 4 Bike Rack is a hitch mount bike rack that can carry up to four bikes! And that too at a cheap price!

The quality is quite good as well. The dual-armed rack can withstand a total weight of around 140 lbs, which means it can carry up to four bikes of 35 lbs.

This is much less than the KAC Overdrive Sports bike rack, which can carry four bikes, each weighing up to 60 lbs.

However, 35 lbs are still higher than the average mountain bike, and certainly higher than road bikes. o if you were previously worried about taking your 29 inches MTB out, you don’t have to anymore!

Therefore, this IKURAM model will work out fine for most of you. What’s more, the rack can also be folded up and swung away, allowing you to access your car trunk.

However, this bike rack has no anti-wobble technology which stops the bike(s) from swaying. Considering that it’s a hitch rack with a hanging cradle style, this can be an issue.

Still, the IKURAM model is one of the best bike racks out there, as you can confirm below:

7. Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack, Black, 2-Inch Receiver

Our final product on the list is another hitch-mount bike rack. Swagman XC2 is a versatile bike rack that can accommodate up to 2 bikes. Also, it’s being a 2-inch means that it is suitable for both a 1-1/4″ to a 2″ receiver hitch.

Although the weight capacity is not high up to 2 bikes of 35 lbs — most people will find no qualms with it.

If your bike’s wheel size is between 20″ and 29”, and the total weight is below 35 lbs, there is no problem at all, and the trunk can be accessed due to the folding function. The anti-wobble technology is also there.

Coming to a major disadvantage, Swagman XC2 does not come with a locking hitch pin, a security cable, and fat-tire wheel trays. If you want them, they are available for sale separately. Moreover, the weight is a bit high, at 12.7 kg.

The price is also reasonable. All in all, this is a versatile hitch bike rack that suits most people, but not those looking for a deluxe bike rack.

FAQs Of Best Bike Racks for Mini Cooper!

What types of bike racks are suitable for a Mini Cooper?

There are various types of bike racks available, including roof-mounted racks, hitch-mounted racks, and trunk-mounted racks. The best choice for your Mini Cooper will depend on your preferences and the specific model of your car.

How many bikes do I need to transport, and what is the maximum capacity for Mini Cooper bike racks?

Bike racks come in various sizes, with options to carry anywhere from one to four bikes. Be sure to check the weight and capacity specifications of the rack you’re considering to ensure it can accommodate your needs.

Are roof-mounted bike racks a good choice for a Mini Cooper?

Roof-mounted bike racks can be a good option if you have a roof rack or crossbars installed on your Mini Cooper. They are versatile and don’t obstruct access to the trunk, but they can affect the car’s aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Are hitch-mounted bike racks suitable for a Mini Cooper?

Hitch-mounted bike racks are a popular choice for Mini Coopers equipped with a trailer hitch. They are generally easy to install and offer good bike security and accessibility. However, you need to ensure your Mini Cooper has a compatible hitch receiver.

Can I use a trunk-mounted bike rack on my Mini Cooper?

Trunk-mounted bike racks are typically not recommended for Mini Coopers because they can obstruct the rear hatch and may damage the car’s paint or body. However, there are some low-profile options designed specifically for smaller cars that might work.

What are the security features of bike racks, and do I need them?

Some bike racks come with built-in locks to secure your bikes to the rack and the rack to your Mini Cooper. Security features can deter theft and provide peace of mind, especially if you plan to leave your bikes unattended.

Are there any weight limits or compatibility issues I should be aware of?

It’s crucial to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for weight limits and compatibility with your Mini Cooper’s model and year. Exceeding weight limits or using an incompatible rack can be unsafe and damage your car.

How easy is it to install and remove a bike rack on a Mini Cooper?

Ease of installation and removal varies between different rack models. Some racks are tool-free and easy to install, while others may require more time and effort. Read reviews and consider your preferences for convenience.

What is the price range for Mini Cooper bike racks?

Bike rack prices can vary widely based on the type, brand, and features. You can find basic trunk-mounted racks for under $100, while premium hitch-mounted racks with multiple bike capacity can cost several hundred dollars.

Are there any specific brands or models known for being compatible with Mini Coopers?

While there are many reputable bike rack brands, it’s essential to choose one that is compatible with your Mini Cooper model and year. Consult your car’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for recommendations.

A Final Word

All 7 Bike Racks are the best bike racks available for the Mini Cooper as well as for many other cars. We cannot definitively point out one of these 7 to be the best one in terms of everyone, for each contains pros and cons.

If you’re still asking our opinion on the best quality bike rack for Mini Cooper, then we’d have to pick KAC Overdrive Sports K4. But the expensive price tag may be too much for most of us.

Therefore, if you ask us to pick the overall best bike rack for Mini Cooper, then we’d say it’s the Allen Sports bike rack. Reasonable price tag and a deluxe bike rack that has almost everything you could want? We can ask for no more.

But if you are looking for the most versatile bike rack out there which fits most cars and bikes, then we recommend the Saris Bones trunk bike rack which caters to the vast majority of bikes, and even fits cars with spoilers! But if the price seems too high for you, then opt for Swagman XC2.

Unless you want a bike rack that can support more than two or three bikes, we recommend not going for the four-bike carrier models since they increase the weight and can stick out too much, though the KAC model allows you to convert it into a 2-bike carrier at your convenience.

You may have noticed that most of the products on our list are hitch-mount bike racks. We do recommend a hitch bike rack if there is anti-sway technology.

But feel free to choose one of the trunk bike racks. Or go creative with the SeaSucker Talon! Whichever one you choose, these are the top best bike racks for Mini Cooper!

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