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SIRDAR Mountain Bike Review (2024): Top Pros & Cons!

sirdar mountain bike review

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If you are looking for a good mountain bike that’s good enough for the beginner cyclist as well as for a cyclist enthusiast who knows what they are looking for, but if you also don’t want to break your bank or sell a kidney to buy one from a big name brand like Trek or Specialized, then SIRDAR mountain bikes are a very good choice for you. How cheap?

In other words, if you want the best of both worlds between quality and reasonable price, then stay tuned for our SIRDAR mountain bike review.

These are our top picks for the SIRDAR mountain bike review:

  1. Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike
  2. Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike
  3. Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike

Why You Should Buy a SIRDAR Mountain Bike

You might want to check out an article for a more in-depth discussion of why SIRDAR bikes rock. Hopefully, you will get your answer!

  • Its Frame is made of Steel, Aluminium, and Carbon

Depending on which SIRDAR mountain bike you opt for, you get to choose between the three most common bike frames.

Frames made of steel are the most durable, but they are also the heaviest, automatically cutting your speed and hampering easy carrying.

Frames made of carbon are not as durable and are prone to scratching and other damage. However, carbon is a luxury and state-of-the-art material when it comes to competitive and professional cycling. That’s why you’ll typically only find carbon frames in high-end models with sky-high prices.

As for aluminum frame bikes, they try to strike a balance between steel and carbon frames. Aluminum is quite lighter than steel, and also quite durable. It is also found in budget bikes, even. Two of the bikes in our Sirdar mountain bike review have aluminum frames.

But each of the bikes in our Sirdar mountain bike review is actually made of all three of these materials! How is that possible? Here’s how: the base is made of aluminum, and the frame and many components are made of high carbon steel.

While Sirdar mountain bikes aren’t entirely made of carbon, they are meticulously designed to strike a good balance between weight and sturdiness. This also means the Sirdar mountain bike won’t break your bank despite having carbon composites.

  • It is a Full/Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Most modern mountain bikes today have suspension technology, which basically means there are suspension forks or a suspension frame that serves to absorb any potential shock that the bike faces.

And, obviously, there is a shock to be absorbed everywhere on unpaved terrain, and as mountain bikes are made to ride in the mountains or off the road (though you can ride them on the road too, of course), suspension technology is of utmost importance.

However, suspension technology comes at a cost. First of all, the heavier weight of suspension forks obviously adds to the weight. Secondly, some of the pedaling efforts go into the forks, meaning that not all of the watts you exert serve to move your bike. Both reasons lead to a decrease in speeds.

That said, mountain biking can be incredibly painful (to your bike as well as to your bum!) if your bike isn’t securely grounded with suspension technology.

Still, you don’t need suspension forks at both your rear and your front. Bikes with one suspension fork are called hardtails, and the suspension fork is at the front of these bikes. And bikes with an additional rear suspension are called dual or full-suspension bikes.

Hardtails are cheaper (obviously, due to the lack of an added suspension fork and the added frame material needed to support it) than full-suspension bikes, but they are also less safe.

But when choosing any of the best Sirdar mountain bikes, you do not really have a choice between getting a hardtail and a full-suspension model, as all three of the best Sirdar mountain bikes are full suspension bikes.

Therefore, keep in mind that you are getting a more stable and comfy riding experience — not to mention, at reasonable costs — if you choose a Sirdar mountain bike.

  • It uses Dual Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are the better and more modern version of the two main branches of brakes, the other being rim brakes. Whereas rim brakes exert a braking force on the rim of the wheel, disc brakes transfer the force to the hub of the wheel.

Why are disc brakes better? Lots of reasons. One, they are more adaptable and versatile. They give you the choice of braking to an extent, instead of forcing you to choose between the binary options of brake and no-brake.

Moreover, disc brakes can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, they are also costlier and of high maintenance compared to rim brakes. You can find a more in-depth discussion of braking systems in our blog section.

While normally we would say there are pros and cons to all types of mechanisms, such as full-suspension technology having some significant disadvantages, in this case, we feel disc brakes are decisively better than rim brakes.

What’s more, the expense of buying disc brakes isn’t as dramatic as opting for a full-suspension bike. Therefore, in our Sirdar mountain bike review, we will be considering the dual disc brake system as a definite plus point.

  • It is available in all Adult Wheel Sizes

It is the bike wheel size that largely determines the height and, to an extent, weight limit of the rider (barring some exceptions where the bike is designed to have significantly smaller or extra-large wheels for mostly aesthetic purposes).

Kids’ bikes have wheels that range anywhere from 12 inches to 26 inches. Adult bike wheel sizes are almost always any of these three: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches.

26-inch mountain bikes are suitable for people on the shorter end of the spectrum when it comes to height: below 6 feet tall. And 29-inch mountain bikes can accommodate riders of up to 6’6” tall, but can be uncomfortable for people less than 5’8”. 27.5ers are in the middle, best for people in the height range in between these two.

As for weight thresholds, 29ers can be suitable for riders up to 330 lbs, and 26ers will have a lower weight limit. However, many other factors besides wheel size determine the bike weight limit.

There are other pros and cons of wheel sizes, including speed and roll-ability. If you think of it for a second, it’ll be clear that having larger wheels means the bike will cover more distance per wheel rotation.

Therefore, the top speed will also be higher for a 29-inch mountain bike. Also because of having bigger wheels, the bike can roll over larger obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks, which are plentiful on unpaved terrain.

On the other hand, a 26er will have a slower speed but higher acceleration due to being nimble. Yes, of course, smaller wheels will cut the weight and, more particularly, make your bike more maneuverable. This is especially helpful if you ride your mountain bike in alleys where you need to take more turns.

Based on these pros and cons, you should decide for yourself which wheel size is perfect for you. It is not that 29-inch wheel options will fulfill most of your needs just because they are more costly, and you also shouldn’t select a 26er just to shave off some dollars.

  • It comes 95% Preassembled

Yes! 95% Preassembled! This means that 95% of the bike’s parts are already attached and don’t require you to set them up together. This means that Sirdar bike assembly only requires you to do 5% of the work.

Just in case you don’t know if that’s a good statistic, let us assure you that it is one hundred percent a magnificent number.

When you order something online … it can be anything big, not just a bike … then there is the question of how to deliver this product to you, the customer. When it comes to bikes, typically what is done is that the bike is disassembled and put into a package.

For example, the wheels, pedals, gears, Seatpost, and many other bike components are separately put into the package. Unfortunately, due to a lack of sincere handling of the package, sometimes some bike parts may get damaged.

Even if that worst-case scenario does not happen, you still have to assemble quite a lot of the bike parts, meaning that you have to possess some more-than-rudimentary engineering skills to screw and assemble the components, making a bike out of them.

Good brands will already assemble many of the bike components for you. To put things into perspective, a preassembled state of 85% is a very good statistic.

Now you know how awesome of a deal Sirdar gives you, as it does 95% of the assembly beforehand! In particular, Sirdar bike assembly will need, on your part, simply the assembly of the pedals, saddle, wheels, and handlebars.

Check out the Amazon links of the Sirdar mountain bike review given for each bike in this article. There are in-depth videos for the entire process of Sirdar bike assembly!

  • Its Customer Service is Top Notch

Wary of buying a mountain bike online and finding it sabotaged just due to faulty shipping? Tired of your bike falling apart upon minimal use either falling apart completely or some individual parts wearing out over mere weeks?

Worry not if you buy a Sirdar mountain bike, as Sirdar provides you with quality customer service for an entire year after purchase. Work together with them to sort all types of problems related to your Sirdar mountain bike.

3 Best Sirdar Mountain Bikes

In particular, we have for your review the 3 best Sirdar mountain bikes: the Sirdar S-700, the Sirdar S-800, and the Sirdar S-900. Naturally, the latest model is the S-900, followed by the S-800 and then the S-700.

And so the price and quality are also slightly higher for the more recent models. But the difference is minor, and whichever model you choose, you won’t lose!

1. Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike

Even though this is the oldest Sirdar model available, it is no slouch. No slouch at all.

For example, the S-700, like the S-800 and S-900, offers dual-suspension technology, 27 speeds, and both rear and front disc brakes. It is also made of high carbon on an aluminum-based body.

This 26-inch Sirdar mountain bike even gives something not given by the latter models: a free bike lock. Yes, you can always buy a separate bike lock if you opt for one of the more recent models, but with the S-700, it comes for free, along with two supplementary saddles. Unless you want the absolute best of Sirdar, you won’t get into any significant problems at all with the S-700!

2. Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike

This 26er is the penultimate mountain bike that Sirdar made. It also, in our opinion, strikes a good balance between the S-700 and the S-900, hence why it is at the top of our list.

It is very impressive that you can find a Sirdar bike with carbon parts! Indeed, we were stoked to find a budget mountain bike with carbon material. But the bike frame is not entirely made of carbon but of high carbon steel.

The body is made of aluminum, meaning that this bike also strikes a balance with all three major materials combined together. This makes the bike both sturdy and relatively lightweight.

What’s more, the bike uses dual disc brakes and offers 27 speeds, with 3 front derailleurs and 9 rear derailleurs. Oh, but yes, there’s even more! There are two products offered with this bike in a package deal: a bike bag and a bike lock.

And yet another thing! If you don’t want a 26er for whatever reason — whether you are tall or you want other benefits of a bike with bigger wheels — there is an option for buying a 29-inch S-800. This will spike the price up to 50 bucks, and you’ll have to go for a black color instead of the red 26-inch model.

3. Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike

Like the S-800, this latest version of Sirdar bikes is made of aluminum, carbon, and steel. The handlebar, chain, and suspension forks — all are of top-notch quality. Put simply, this is the most premium Sirdar mountain bike on sale.

No need to mention this, but this bike has dual disc brakes and 27 speeds. The product also comes, with no extra charge, with two extra saddles. And dole out some more cash (less than $30), and you get a bike bag and a bike lock in a package deal. Sweet!

Oh, and it’s a 27.5er, meaning that it solves the problem for tall riders to some extent!

A Final Word

As you have seen from the Sirdar mountain bike review, all three Sirdar mountain bike models on the market can serve as a budget bike, but you wouldn’t know it’s a budget bike by looking at its features.

Regarding the competition among the three Sirdar mountain bike models we have reviewed, you might have been sold by our Sirdar S-900 mountain bike, especially because of its small increase in price over the previous models, and yet having the best features out of the three.

However, you might not really need the extra features. If that is the case and you just want a functionally solid bike, take another look at the Sirdar S-800 mountain bike review, as well as the Sirdar S-700 mountain bike review.

Before moving on to the most commonly asked questions, you might want to look at some other brands that offer budget mountain bikes. Here we have reviewed the best Max4out mountain bikes, and if you are looking for the best budget road bikes, check out the best Hiland road bikes. There is also a Hiland mountain bike; check out the Hiland sylvan mountain bike review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Sirdar bikes website?

Unfortunately, being a relatively new bike industry, Sirdar does not currently have a website. However, by no means does it make Sirdar mountain bikes bad or even mediocre. In fact, Sirdar mountain bikes are among the top 10 Amazon mountain bikes.

Does Sirdar make women’s bikes?

Not particularly. Women’s bikes tend to be available in a range of vibrant colors, and the frame geometry is slightly different, largely due to the physical differences between men and women. For example, the saddle may be slightly wider, and the frame may be lower due to the general female body having shorter torsos.

However, we believe that any bike a woman rides is a women’s bike. Only a few bikes produce women-specific bikes. It is not that every female rider rides a women’s bike.

Indeed, the highlighted feature differences in the above paragraph are not significant enough to mean that women find it difficult to ride a men’s bike. For women, simply choose a shorter bike, such as a 26er.

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