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Top 3 Best Bike Helmets with Lights: Which One Is Perfect For You?

Best Bike Helmets with Lights

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Bike riding is exciting and fun, and there’s no doubt! But can you overturn the risks associated with it? You can’t go for sure, so wearing a proper helmet is necessary. Also, it is important because most of the injuries caused by bike riders are associated with head injuries. That is why you will need the best bike helmets with lights!

Also, when you ride at night, a helmet with lights will be a great help. Thus, we bring you the best bike helmets with a light review. Although proper lighting is essential for a safe riding experience at night, not all helmets come with a built-in light. Thus, you must choose a helmet with a built-in LED light.

It will free you from the hassle of attaching an LED light to the helmet. Also, the built-in lights on the helmet are secured so they don’t fall off the helmet. It will be a great help if you frequently ride at night.

So, let’s dive deep into the bike helmet review with lights.

Why Are Lights Important For Bike Riders?

Generally, we understand that we need the lights in our bikes’ front and rear portions. The headlight and rear light help traffic on the road recognize the bike from a distance. It is useful to avoid collisions.

Out of the many benefits of having proper lights with bike helmets is visibility. Bikes are comparatively smaller and quieter. Thus, it is difficult for others to see the bikes, especially at night. Thankfully, you can combat the problem with the additional lights. It will help other riders to recognize and see your bikes easily and from a distance.

On top of it, the powerful LED light on the helmet will be useful for you to see the roads and road signals better. Bikes don’t come with powerful, ultra-bright headlights to increase riders’ visibility. You can, thus, improve the visibility with the headlamps on the helmet. You can see what’s in front of you; the traffic and road signs. It will improve the riding safety and smoothness.

Last but not least, you will enjoy better confidence with the helmets with lights as it increases your safety on the roads. And there’s nothing compared with the confidence of riders when you ride on your favorite bicycle.

Long story short, having a helmet with light will be a great investment for you to enjoy riding safety, smoothness, and fun simultaneously. Many states in the USA, such as California, appeal to bike riders to wear the right helmet with lights for road safety.

It will be further used when you ride on off-roads at night. You can see the bumps on the roads and ride easily by avoiding them. It improves your riding smoothness and helps you avoid collisions and accidents.

The Three Best Bike Helmet with Lights Review

Do you love riding your bicycle at night? Do you often return late from the office with your bicycle? If yes, then a built-in LED light with the helmet will be truly a lifesaver for you. Unfortunately, there are not too many quality helmets with LED lights integrated into them.

So, we researched the helmets with lights and chose the top three helmets with integrated lights. So, let’s check the light with helmets.

1. Lumos Ultra Smart helmet

The Lumos Ultra Smart helmet justifies its name amazingly. It is undoubtedly the smartest helmet you will ever find in the market for bikers. Its matte black finish, aerodynamic design, and powerful LED light right at its front make it functional and attractive at the same time.

Moreover, the helmet has won several awards for its design and ease of use. So, you may depend on its safety features and reliability on the roads. Nonetheless, when buying the helmet, you must consider whether or not you need the MIPS feature.

It is crucial because the helmet is available with or without the MIPS at two price points. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose the helmet without the MIPS system. So, it gives you the liberty to pick the helmet with a tighter budget.

On top of it, the helmet includes LED lights on both the rear and front sides. So, you will have better visibility on the roads. Plus, the lights offer a wider field of view for visibility. It means you can see wider roads.

Also, the LED lights will reach further than regular lights. So, you may see the roads from a distance. The lights are powerful, and their perfect white color is eye-soothing. It won’t create disturbance to your and others’ eyes. So, you will enjoy better safety features.

Talking about the safety features, the helmet is made with premium material. It can absorb shocks even without the MIPS feature. If you want maximum protection, you can buy a helmet with MIPS that ensures the best safety from shocks and impacts.

Furthermore, it has superior aerodynamics and breathability. You won’t feel sweating inside the helmet, even during the scorching days. It is a great relief if you live in a tropical region. Next, the read headlight will signal right or left turns for added safety and riding easiness.

It is made possible by integrating the rear LED lights with the handlebar. So, people at your backside know which way you are turning the bike. It is useful to avoid collisions. Last but not least, you can connect the helmet with the smartphone using the app.

Smartphone connectivity lets you control the lighting, brightness, and panels. So, it hardly leaves any option for complaint.

2. Sena R2 Smart Bluetooth Road Cycling Helmet

Sena is one of the leading helmet and bike accessory manufacturers worldwide. They have introduced quite a few iconic bike helmets, and the Sena R2 is surely one of them. Although it doesn’t have any light on the front side, it includes bright LED lights on the rear side.

The bright LED taillight is visible from 30 feet away. So, you will be easily visible from a considerable distance. The increased visibility ensures you remain safe from riders at your back. It will be useful for avoiding collisions.

Even if you accidentally collide with anyone, the shock-absorbing feature of the helmet is ready to take care of it. So, you will remain safe from accidents. The shock-absorbing properties are truly appreciable and come from the polycarbonate shell. The shell is in-mold and provides excellent protection with a built-in impact absorber.

Thus, you will remain safe from head injuries in most cases. On top of it, the helmet offers one of the best smartphone connectivity you will ever find. It uses a Bluetooth connection. You can connect with your fellow riders and talk with them through your smartphone.

Moreover, you can easily listen to music or follow the GPS tracker’s voice instructions for a safer ride. It will be indeed useful to focus better on the roads instead of looking at your smartphone display to find the right routes. Also, R2’s ability to communicate with riders helps build road awareness. The voice is clear and audible, which is another benefit.

3. Bike Helmet with USB Rechargeable Rear Light

There are not too many quality and reliable helmets with bright light. We researched a lot and found the Shinmax Store’s bike helmet with rear light a worthy mention for this option. When you get a helmet for biking, you will immediately find it a great safety requirement for your biking passion. It has a rear light and USB charging capacity.

The rear lights will indicate your turn signals so that traffic at your back may know which way you are going. It increases road safety and riding easiness. As traffic at your behind knows where you are going, they can adjust their speed. So, you won’t face collisions or accidents with the rear lights turned on for the helmets.

Moreover, the rear lights are visible from a considerable distance. You will also love that you can charge the LED lights with a USB cable. Yes, you can use the USB C-type cable of your smartphone to charge the lights of this helmet. It is a great relief since you don’t need to find another cable to charge the lights. Also, with one charge, the rear lights of the helmet will continue illuminating for a hundred miles. It means you can go on long rides with them confidently.

Besides the rear lights, the helmet also fulfills all the safety requirements for a biker. It is made with premium materials with a shock and impact-absorbing facility. So, your head will remain safe even if you have a hard collision.

On top of it, you will get a Sun Visor and magnetic goggles. You will enjoy UV400 protection with the Sun Visors. It improves your riding comfort and safety by blocking the sun glares. Also, it has excellent ventilation with 21 vents. Its sponge pad inside the helmet absorbs swats and shocks. So, you will never feel unsafe and uncomfortable with this helmet on your head.

Finally, with 0.97 lbs weight, it is one of the lightweight best bike helmets with lights. Therefore, the helmet doesn’t succumb to you with heavyweight even after you ride the bike for hours. It is a great facility for those long-ride lovers.

How to Buy the Best Bike Helmets with Lights

You have pretty limited options when you want a bike helmet with built-in lights. So, it would help if you were choosy to select the right one for you. It brings us to the importance of looking at the key facts for built-in light for helmets.

First of all, look at the type of lights you get with the helmet. Does it offer both headlight and rear light or only the rear lights? You will surely enjoy the best road safety if you get a helmet with both front and rear lights. Also, it will help you see the road in front of you better.

Next up, consider the construction of the helmet. Most bike helmets are made with polycarbonate. It should be able to absorb shock and impacts. Otherwise, the helmet will be of no use. Most helmets have inner padding to safeguard your head from injuries.

The padding is usually removable for easy washing. Also, you must check the breathability of the helmet for proper ventilation. Or else you will feel sweaty wearing the helmet. Lastly, the helmet should be lightweight. We recommend getting the bike helmets under 1lbs. weight for a lightweight experience and stress-free riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most visible color for a bike helmet?

At night, yellow-colored helmets are the most visible. During the daytime, you can choose blue or green helmets for visibility and yellow ones.

Is WaveCel or MIPS better?

Waveney is surely better than MIPS because it absorbs linear and rotational impacts. So, it offers multi-dimensional impact resistance for better safety. However, MIPS with a linear shock-absorbing facility isn’t too bad either.


Multiple statistics show that helmets can reduce the chance of fatal injuries for riders. When you get the helmet with lights, it further improves your safety on and off the roads. Therefore, we have reviewed the top three best bike helmets with lights. You can choose either of them for better road visibility. But, we would recommend you get the Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet. It comes with both headlight and rear lights. So, you will enjoy the best visibility.

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