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Are SIRDAR Bikes Good? – Cyclists Thoughts

are sirdar bikes good

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Are you thinking about the SIRDAR bike? Are SIRDAR bikes good?

To say Sirdar bikes are good is a gross understatement. Of course, they are good. And they are beyond good. Many of the best Sirdar bikes have a place in the top ten mountain bikes on Amazon. In particular, Sirdar produces mountain bikes that are both budget-friendly and of impressive quality. They aren’t Trek or Specialized bikes, but they don’t break the bank.

Now let’s delve deep into the several reasons why Sirdar bikes are so good.

  • Both Sturdy and Lightweight

The body of a bicycle can be made of steel, aluminum, or carbon. Carbon is reserved mostly for high-end bikes, but it is prone to scratching and other damage. In contrast, steel is used for traditional and sturdy yet heavy bikes.

In other words, a compromise has to be made between the sturdiness of your bike and its speed, as heavier bikes are obviously slower than lighter ones.

Well, that’s where aluminum comes in, it being a good compromise between carbon and steel. It takes from carbon the lighter weight, though not to carbon’s level, and it takes from steel its sturdiness, though not to steel’s level.

What arises is a sturdy and lightweight bike, and while that’s not the top 1 idea for racing, it is probably the best idea for most other purposes. What’s more, aluminum bikes are also relatively cheap.

The body of a Sirdar bicycle is made of aluminum. But the frame is made of high carbon steel. What does this mean? It means that not only do Sirdar bikes have a good balance between the best properties of steel and carbon, but it also does have carbon and steel components!

In short, Sirdar bikes are good because they can take some punishment without being damaged, and they also are quite lightweight and so can reach higher speeds.

  • Smooth Riding Experience

Whether your riding experience is comfy and smooth depends on a lot of factors, such as a soft and secure saddle, wheel size appropriate for your height and weight, handlebar angle and distance aligning to your comfort, and suspension technology.

We are extremely happy to say that all of these checkboxes are met in Sirdar bikes!

The first is the suspension. Bikes with suspension technology have a suspension fork attached to their front and some also have one at the rear. Those with one suspension fork (which are at the front) are called hardtails. And those with an additional suspension fork at the rear are called dual or full suspension bikes. Sirdar bikes are full suspension bikes.

Is that a good thing? Yes, when it comes to smooth riding experiences, you won’t get any smoother than with a full suspension bike.

The suspension forks act as shock absorbers, meaning that they take the blow of bumps and overall friction that accrue on your bike. This is especially true for unpaved terrain with no shortage of rocks and other obstacles, and thus most mountain bikes today have suspension technology.

But are two suspension forks really required? Strictly speaking, no. First of all, a dual suspension bike is heavier and more expensive.

It will also require you to spend more effort in pedaling, as not all of the watts you produce will go into moving the bike forward, as the suspension forks will absorb some.

That said, full-suspension bikes are of utmost importance for downhill biking unless you want to put your bum (!), not to mention your bike, through hell. More generally, full-suspension bikes are the most comfortable option, and all three of the best Sirdar bikes we reviewed are full suspension bikes.

What’s more, cross out the disadvantage of Sirdar full suspension bikes being expensive: despite being full suspension bikes, Sirdar bikes are quite the bargain, all three bikes coming in at under a friendly budget!

  • All Three Wheel Sizes Available

The Sirdar bike company makes bikes for all three adult sizes: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. When we say a bike is a 26er, or a 26-inch bike, we mean that the bike has wheels with a diameter of 26 inches each.

So, what is exactly the advantage of having all three wheel sizes available?

First of all, Sirdar doesn’t make kids’ bikes, which range from 12-inch wheels to 26-inch wheels. Adult bike wheel sizes are typically three: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches.

Finding the perfect wheel size can be very important for you if you are either too tall or short. For example, if you are over 6 feet tall, you may feel cramped on a 26-inch Sirdar bicycle. On the other hand, if you are below 5’8”, you may feel a 29er is too high and too big in general for your comfort.

Therefore, please refer to the wheel size references that are present in the product description before buying.

But wheel size doesn’t only matter in terms of appropriate fit, but also for more speed and roll-ability. The larger the wheels are, the more distance they cover per rotation, making 29ers faster than both 26ers and 27.5ers.

Mountain bikes especially require bigger wheels to roll over small obstacles such as tree stumps and pebbles. While a 3-inch difference between a 26er and a 29er may not seem much, the difference is extremely significant in longer rides.

But bikes with larger wheels are more difficult to maneuver around, making smaller wheel bikes more nimble.

In short, the rule of thumb is to buy a 29er if you are tall and if you prefer a smooth mountain biking experience, whereas a 26er is cheaper and the better option if you ride your mountain bike on the streets rather than in the mountains. A 27.5-inch Sirdar bicycle would be the middle ground between these two. Whichever wheel size is most comfortable for you, Sirdar has it!

  • Free Pedals!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! The Sirdar bike company provides free saddles with the purchase of its products. This is an amazing plus point, for you will be surprised how many people are dissatisfied with the original saddle that comes with the bikes they order online, typically of small name brands. Therefore, they are forced to buy a new, separate saddle or Seatpost.

That’s entirely unnecessary for Sirdar bikes. On the odd chance that the Seatpost does break down — which is, again, unlikely without rough use — then you can simply use either of the two free saddles that you get free with your Sidar bike purchase!

And no, the saddles aren’t any run-of-the-mill quality products that are simply given away free just because of their lack of durability or comfort. On the contrary, both the saddles are of extremely high quality and tailor-made for specific purposes.

One is a Wide Soft Saddle for sheer comfort. As we know, bike saddles aren’t exactly sofa seats, but this saddle might change your mind! The other is a Mountain Cross-Country Saddle which is self-explanatory. We were honestly shocked by this feature of Sirdar bikes!

Among the main braking systems there exist, the dual braking system is the best. Dual brakes exert pressure on the hub of the wheel. They give a lot of scopes for the rider to break as much as they want, rather than giving a binary decision of either putting on the brakes or not.

Moreover, disc brakes are superior to rim brakes in terms of their durability in harsh weather conditions. Check out our blog section for an in-depth discussion of braking systems.

While disc brakes do have their flaws — namely, having a higher price and maintenance cost — they are definitively superior to rim brakes. And since all Sirdar bikes use disc brakes, that is a distinct plus point.

  • Minimal Bike Assembly Needed

Normally, whenever you buy a bike online, you have to assemble the parts together to set up the bike. This is for obvious logistical reasons: an assembled bike would be a great hassle to ship, and cannot of course be boxed up in a package. Therefore, many of the bike’s components are disassembled and then packaged.

This does not mean that you have to attach each and every single part of a bike if you buy it online. Good brands do about 85% of the job for you. For example, Max4out bike assembly only needs you to do 15% of the work.

How much of the work does Sirdar do for you? Any guesses? It’s actually 95%! For real! You only need to assemble the bike’s pedals, saddle, wheels, and handlebars. That’s all the Sirdar bike parts that need to be assembled. And detailed videos are given on the Amazon link of any Sirdar bike to guide you throughout the entire process!

  • Impeccable Customer Service

It really sucks when you reach out to a no-name brand and they don’t reach back out to you. Especially in cases where you want to file a complaint about the sheer discrepancy in the quality of what was promised and what was given.

Granted, Sirdar also is not a big name brand (yet!). There is, for example, no Sirdar bikes website. However, with Sirdar, first of all, the quality is unlikely to be anywhere less than satisfactory. However, many of us still may face problems due to insufficient knowledge of handling a bike, so it’s natural to have to reach out to customer service. Indeed, this is their responsibility to have contact with us.

And we are happy to say that the Sirdar bikes’ customer service is so impeccable and so responsive that this feature is highlighted in their sales pitch and other reviews. For one calendar year of purchasing a Sirdar bike, they will do their absolute best to answer any and all queries to make sure you have a wonderful and hand-guided experience.

A Final Word

So, are Sirdar bikes good? We are so confident about this answer that we won’t repeat it.

Now the question is, which Sirdar bikes are good, and which is the best? We are glad to let you know we have already explored this question before in our Sirdar Mountain bike talk! The Sirdar bike S-700 model is quite the budget model, and there is a Sirdar S-700 mountain bike review included in the link above. There is also the S-900 model which is in the running for being the best budget-friendly bike.

Indeed, Sirdar bikes are not only good but also some of the best budget and even all-around bikes on the market.

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