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Who Makes Savadeck Bikes? – A Complete Brand Overview

who makes savadeck bikes

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Cycling is a great outdoor activity for people of all ages. Not only does it work as a method of transportation, but it is also a great way of exercising. When it comes to purchasing or choosing a bike, we want nothing but the best. And when we want nothing but the best, we must talk about Savadeck.

Savadeck is one of the top names in the world of bikes and bike accessories. The company is known for its excellent quality and technology. As much as we appreciate these bikes, we also want to know about the history of Savadeck bikes. In this guide, we will discuss who makes Savadeck bikes.

A Historical Account of Savadeck Bikes

In the year 2005, Savadeck established their Sava Bike Creative Design Team. The brand also registered itself in Germany in the same year. This means that the company has been in business for more than a decade now.

In the meantime, Savadeck bikes introduced advanced and top-quality carbon fiber and titanium application technologies in their bikes from countries like Germany and Europe. The main aim of the company was to manufacture advanced, top-quality, and technologically high-end bikes.

The carbon fiber and titanium technology in the Savadeck bikes are what make these bikes top quality, durable, and lightweight at the same time. In the year 2008, Savadeck found a high-end and great bicycle design team in Sindelfingen. Later in the year 2012, the Savadeck bikes launched its store through online sales on the largest platform of electric business in the world.

The Savadeck bikes manufacture road, mountain, and folding bikes. All of these bikes are made up of carbon fiber which makes these bikes lightweight and durable. The company also manufactures some of the top quality bike accessories in the world of bikes as well.

Savadeck bikes increased its sales by breaking the traditional bike sale strategy. They offered high-end bicycles but at an affordable price; this attracted a lot of customers to purchase the Savadeck bikes.

To put things into perspective, a premium Savadeck carbon bike costs many times less than a Specialized or Giant carbon bike!

In the year 2014, the Savadeck bikes invested in constructing a large commercial bike park and launched sales branches and stores in various countries across the globe. In order to meet the demand and requirements of the Savadeck bikes, the company focused on reducing their production costs and maximizing their production efficiency. They focused on the efficiency of frame processing, painting, testing, and inspection.

All these fine-tuning and attention to detail for ensuring affordable yet top-tier bikes have made Savadeck Bikes such a successful bike industry in the world today.

What do Savadeck Bikes Produce?

Savadeck Bikes manufacture a wide variety of bike types. There are Savadeck road bikes, Savadeck mountain bikes, Savadeck folding bikes, and finally Savadeck bikes.

Let’s have a brief word about which type of bike to choose here.

A road bike is suitable for riders who aim to race or cruise on city roads. A road bike is much lighter than a mountain bike which is built to be robust and sturdy enough, with suspension technology as well, to tackle unpaved terrains like mountains and jungles.

As for folding bikes, they are the easiest to store and carry due to their ability to … well, be folded in half when not in use! Finally, e-bikes make use of engine energy output. This means less pedaling effort and a much higher speed. This also, however, means more weight and higher prices.

Although Savadeck uses a variety of materials for its bike frames i.e., steel and aluminum, the company is most well-known for its carbon bikes. Carbon fiber makes these bikes lightweight and durable.

It is worth expanding a bit more on the advantages of a bike having a carbon frame. Carbon is much lighter than aluminum and steel. Thus, a carbon bike frame makes the bike light, and the lighter it is, the faster it can go, and the more convenient it is to cross corners by swift maneuvering. A lightweight bike is also easier to carry.

Here is an in-depth article on the best 4 Savadeck carbon road bikes available on the market today.

The company also manufactures some of the top-quality bike accessories in the world of bikes as well. For example, there are water bottle holders, clipless pedals, and polarized sunglasses.

Reasons to/ Not to buy Savadeck Bikes

Besides the wide variety of bikes and bike accessories that Savadeck has up for sale, there are a lot more selling points that make Savadeck bikes such an appealing buying decision.

  • The Finest of Materials

As mentioned, Savadeck bikes are known best for their high-quality carbon frames. However, it doesn’t end there.

Savadeck bikes are also equipped with Shimano bike components. These include Shimano derailleurs and gears. In case you don’t know, Shimano is one of the most well-known bike component manufacturers in the whole world.

Even the wheel tires are slip-resistant and resist wear and tear. As for the bike seat pad, its shape is slender, making it cause minimal friction when you sit.

In short, a Savadeck bike offers premium quality through the carbon fiber material used in its frame and fork, in its world-renowned Shimano bike components, in its comfortable seat pad, and even in its slip- and wear-resistant tires.

  • Fits Riders of Any Height

Do you know that appropriate size is one of the most important yet overlooked decisions that we make when choosing to buy a bike?

Granted, most bike sizes are not rigid. It is not that you need to have custom-designed bikes for a good fit. Rather, most bike sizes can accommodate riders of height differences of about 6 inches or more. For example, a 27.5-inch bike can suit a rider standing in at 5’6”, as well as a 6-foot-tall rider.

That being said, comfort plays a factor here. Whereas most bike brands will give you the option of choosing a 26-inch bike or a 27.5-inch bike, or even a 29-inch bike, Savadeck goes a step further.

Savadeck bikes come with five or more size options. For example, the Savadeck Phantom 3.0 is available in six size options: 44cm, 48cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, and 56cm. The fact that there are so many size options means that you can pinpoint your ideal size and pick that. Check out the size chart specifications chart which is there for you to do just that!

  • Easy To Assemble

One of the great advantages of purchasing Savadeck bikes is that you do not have to spend hours assembling the bike. Savadeck bikes come as 90 percent already assembled, and this allows the owners to assemble the bike in less than 15-25 minutes.

Is 90% preassembly good? Yup, for sure! It’s not practical to have a bike 100% preassembled. Just think about how tough it would be to ship a fully assembled bike! As for other bike companies, they may provide bikes with up to 80-85% of the bike assembly already taken care of.

  • Affordable Price

As we discussed above, the Savadeck bikes made their way to the market and generated great sales by providing people with high-end bikes at a super reasonable price. Even though it is not the traditional way of bike sales, it allowed Savadeck bikes to attract the majority of their customers.

How affordable are we talking about here? Roughly speaking, other high-end bike industries like Giant and Specialized provide carbon bikes which are two to three times more expensive than a Savadeck carbon road bike! Or even more!

  • Lightweight

A heavy bike is very hard to manipulate and ride properly. The weight of the bike mainly depends on the frame and fork material of the bike. To make sure that the bikes are lightweight, manufacturers generally use aluminum or carbon fiber to make bikes. Carbon fiber is a bit costlier than aluminum, but if your goal is to get the most lightweight and speedy bike, carbon fiber bikes are the way to go.

As we mentioned above, the Savadeck bikes are one of the top bike manufacturers in the world of bicycles. The Savadeck carbon bikes are very lightweight and have great speed. The Toray carbon used to manufacture these bikes is a high-quality carbon. The Shimano 105 groupset featured in the carbon bikes are great, properly tuned, and assembled before shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where are Savadeck bikes made?

The Savadeck brand was birthed in Germany. But they are not just manufactured there. In fact, since 2014, Savadeck factories have existed worldwide.

2. When were Savadeck Bikes established?

Savadeck Bikes was established in 2005. It’s still going strong 17 years afterward, and the future looks even brighter.

3. Is Savadeck and SAVA the same company?

Yes, Savadeck is also known as SAVA.

4. Is Sava UCI approved?

Yes, Sava bikes are approved by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for use in UCI-sanctioned races.

Sava produces a range of road bikes that meet the technical standards required by the UCI, making them eligible for professional and amateur competitions under UCI regulations.

Final Words

In the world of bikes, Savadeck has created a great brand name for itself due to its sharp design and quality. They make sure that their carbon bikes are suitable for both normal riders and professional athletes. Now you know who makes Savadeck Bikes and an overview of what it is they do and how they do it by maintaining such a high standard!

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