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Who Makes Hiland Bikes: A Comprehensive Brand Overview

who makes hiland bikes

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In today’s world, bikes are one of the essential transportation methods. Bikes do not produce any air or noise population, and this is something we need and appreciate in today’s date.

Environment-friendly bikes are created in different ways, according to the tracks they are designed for.

As for our featured brand, keep in mind that the Hiland Bikes Company produces their bikes focusing on a particular area to make the bike more efficient and custom-made for riders.

For some reason, people want to know who makes Hiland bikes actually? But why? Probably, to know more about their favorite brand!

There are of course various bike manufacturers available in the world, offering a wide range of bikes regarding both quality and price.

Hiland is one of the top brands in the biking industry, but that doesn’t mean you need to strain your pockets to purchase one.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bike, but also one with standard quality, Hiland bikes are at your service to go easy on your wallet.

In this guide, we will offer details about the origin of Hiland bikes, who makes Hiland bikes, etc. like your very own Hiland bikes Wikipedia page!

So let’s start this brief discussion about Hiland bikes.

Who Makes Hiland Bikes: History & A Chronological Account

In September of 1921, Harry Walter Hiland and his father John S. Hiland established Hiland Bikes in Dayton, Ohio. They started with a balloon tire bicycle coupled with a steel steerer frame, and this design is still in use for bicycles. 1921 was a time when the United States was going through exceptional growth in the bicycle sector.

In 1924, John S. Hiland sold his shares in the company to his son, Harry, and focused on manufacturing carriages and car bodies. Frank P. Hiland joined his brother Harry to improve the Hiland bikes in 1927. In the year 1934, Hiland Bikes converted into Dayton Cycles Corporation and expanded its manufacturing unit to a larger factory.

In the year 1950, Harry Hiland passed his company to Lester A. Hiland, son of Harry Hiland. Harry then focused on the design and marketing of frames and parts of bicycles under the Hiland Cycle Company. In the year 1954, the Dayton Cycles Corporation took over the Aviation Manufacturing Company in Dayton, Ohio.

This takeover allowed the Dayton Cycles to move to the manufacturing market of bicycles. Aviation Manufacturing Company later converted into Reynold Brothers Company.

In 1954, Hiland Bikes merged with the Reynolds Brother Company and became one of the largest bike manufacturing companies in the United States. Today, the whole world recognizes Hiland bikes for their outstanding bike quality.

If you are interested in where are hiland bikes made, the manufacturing unit of the company is still situated in Dayton, Ohio, but the company is headquartered in Norwood, Georgia. The Hiland bikes are still designed in the same way it was designed back in 1921.

After many takeovers regarding the company, finally, in 2013, the Hiland Bike Company was purchased by Taiwan Giant Group.

Every year the Taiwan factory produces nearly 30,000 frames to reach the new benchmark of its selling graph. The popularity of Hiland Bikes not only remains in the US but also spread in Taiwan sespecially the Taiwanese cycling team, The National Team of Malaysia, who prefer Hiland bikes for tracking and racing.

Hiland bikes are now available to be purchased in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, and the US.

Hiland Bikes Technology

The company’s main aim was to build a simple bicycle that would be of great quality and be very comfortable. The company does not compromise its quality as well as its production. Even the workers who weld and polish the frames are all skilled with a minimum of 15 years of experience.

Hiland Bikes started manufacturing their bikes using a lightweight aluminum frame to ensure that their bikes are strong and comfortable to ride.

Instead of using traditional frames, the company uses Aerodynamic Geometry technology, which allows them to design their bikes in any way they want. This technology also allows the company to manufacture bikes that run smoothly, and are easily controllable while having a strong frame.

Hiland took up the idea of automated manufacturing and put it to use so that they could cut down the costs. The quality of each and every part of these bikes remains consistent as they are manufactured in the same manufacturing unit. This allows them to save time and money on shipping.

Since the company can assemble the bikes right after completing production, this allows them to save a significant amount of time. Plus, Hiland assembles the bikes by hand to make sure that the parts are completely fine and assembled properly.

In short, these are also the reasons behind the affordability of Hiland bikes. As the bikes are assembled before shipping, this does not take much time or slow down the production speed and costs. And yet its quality is quite high.

What’s more, Hiland is ever-improving. It never stops working on developing and reforming its design. And so it has continued to grab the attention of cycle lovers on a budget.

Even from a broader perspective, Kadeem Hussey, the cyclist of the Malaysian National Team, is an example who prefers Hiland bikes over other bikes.

Many newspapers, magazines, and TV channels featured their Aerodynamic Geometry technology which helped them achieve great attention in the cycling world.

Hiland Bikes Categories

There are two broad categories of Hiland bikes: One is a 300B type which is built as a beginner type, and another one is a 500B type which is a more advanced version.

The former bike is for 1-2-year-old children learning how to ride or control a bike. The children 5-6 years old – and of course beyond – can ride the 500B model.

Hiland, being an old cycle company, manufactures a wide range of bike types that come in all designs, models, and sizes. The main Hiland bike types are:

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • E-bike
  • Women bike
  • Youth bike
  • City bike

There are also L&H bikes meaning low-gear and high-gear bikes offered by Hiland. Most of them are high gear and can be recognized by the term HH Hiland bikes.

Hiland Road bike

Hiland road bikes are well known for their long-lasting power, controlling bars that come with a double chaining set, and a large seat. This strongly built bike is a perfect fit for a cyclist who wants sporty bikes or likes to travel a lot. The weight of the Hiland road bike is perfectly fit for all for smooth riding!

Hiland Mountain bike

Whether you are traversing unpaved terrain, going uphill, or downhill, Hiland mountain bikes are great at maintaining balance and speed.

Moreover, for people who love to ride uphill a lot, Hiland designs full-suspension mountain bikes for them. We have also reviewed the best Hiland mountain bikes. Check out our best bikes category.

Hiland E-bike

Hiland Electric bikes feature high-powered batteries, comfortable handlebars, and smooth acceleration. There are even simple install hubs that are specially designed for urban commuters.

Hiland Women’s bike

Because of the variation in men’s and women‘s heights, body shapes, arms, and legs, some women struggle to reach the pedals or balance the bike while riding.

The Hiland Bike Company takes those factors into consideration and produces bikes specifically for women which resolve all types of previously mentioned biological issues

Hiland Kid’s and Youth bike

Hiland not only cares about adult customers but also looks after younger ones’ needs and demands. We have already talked about the 300B and 500B versions for toddlers and for small children respectively.

Their  Kid’s and Youth bikes come with a training wheel, a padded seat along padded handlebars so that the young rider can feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Hiland Hybrid or City bike

If you are looking for comfortable marathon bikes, Hiland hybrid bikes offer you their service by providing lightweight frames.

These bikes are mainly designed for riding on the road, and the lightweight frames will make the rider feel relaxed and less worn out for long-distance commuting.

Grab one that matches your preference

  • Work on Terrains, Rocky Roads, Uphill & Downhill
  • Offers Competitive Pricing
  • Guarantees Long-lasting Durability
  • Features Lightweight Frames
  • Markets Innovative Build
  • Has a Diverse Range

Hiland manufactures bikes that are suitable for all sorts of roads and terrain. These bikes have the ability to handle rides on steep uphill, downhill, slow to rocky, and so on.

While the majority of bikes can do these, the fact that makes Hiland different is their build quality and consistency.

If we talk about the quality and performance of the Hiland bikes, then there is a lot to talk about. Hiland manufactures some of the great bikes available in the world of bicycles.

The components and materials that the company uses in its manufacturing process make sure that the bikes are long-lasting and provide great performance for a long period.

The Hiland bike frames are manufactured using the highest quality steel, aluminum, and titanium sold in the market. While the bikes are built to last a long time, the frames are extremely lightweight and very comfortable for riding.

If we talk about the price of Hiland bikes, then the price is not much compared to the same bike models by other bike manufacturers like Giant or Specialized.

Each category of Hiland bikes offers a wide price range depending on the frame, size, and features of the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who manufactures Hiland bikes?

Hiland bikes are manufactured by HH Hiland, a company that offers a variety of bicycles designed for different types of riding. The company aims to provide quality bikes at accessible prices.

Where are Hiland bikes made?

While specific manufacturing details can vary, many brands like Hiland often have their bikes manufactured in countries with established bicycle production industries, such as China or Taiwan, to keep costs down while maintaining quality standards.

What types of bikes does Hiland offer?

Hiland produces a range of bicycles including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and bicycles for children. Each type is designed to cater to specific riding conditions and user needs.

Are Hiland bikes good for beginners?

Yes, Hiland bikes are considered a good option for beginners due to their affordability and the variety of models designed to cater to novice riders. They offer a balance between quality and cost, making them accessible for new cyclists.

Final Words

As we discussed above, Hiland Bikes is one of the top bicycle manufacturers in the world today. The company has been in business for 100 years now and still going strong in its quality, durability, and reputation.

If you are planning to purchase a bike, then you can undoubtedly trust Hiland Bikes.

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