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Reevo Hubless E-Bike(2024): The Future of E-Bike Is Here!

reevo hubless e bike

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Reevo Hubless E-Bike is the latest added in the e-bike store. When we say that e-bikes are the future of transportation, we mean it.

You may have a question, How?

E-bikes not only offer the best technological innovations, but they are also sleek, fast, and lightweight as well. And today, we will talk about the best e-bike available out there now, the Reevo Hubless e-bike.

The Reevo Hubless e-bike is creating havoc in the industry of e-bikes, and it’s the good kind of havoc. The extraordinary features and eye-appealing aesthetics of this e-bike are gaining popularity and praise from all over the world. The sleek black frame and the autonomous LED lights of this high-end e-bike offer the highest value to the customers.

Brain, brand, and looks. The Reevo Hubless e-bike is a combination of these three components. It is impossible to find an e-bike that matches the standard of the Reevo Hubless e-bike. There is a reason why we call it the future of transportation.

Everything we said about the Reevo Hubless e-bike sounds unbelievable, right? Continue reading to know about the extraordinary features of the Reevo Hubless e-bike, and you will see why it is our favorite.

Before diving into details about the features of the Reevo Hubless e-bike, let us take a look at the specs of this high-end electric bike.

Reevo E-Bike Features: 

Maximum Rider Weight265lbs or 120kg
Weight of the Bike55lbs or 25kg
Material of the FrameABS Body with Aluminum Alloy
Size of the Wheel27.5”
Power of the MotorEU 250W, US 750W
Type of BatteryLG Cell, Lithium-ion
Battery Charging Time3 hours
Battery Capacity10.5Ah, 48V
ConnectivityGSM, GPS, Bluetooth
Safety SystemTriple Barrier Anti-theft System
Maximum SpeedEU 25km/h, US 25mph
Sizes Available5’2” – 5’9” and 5’9” – 6’3”
Range37 miles or 60km
Maximum Phone Size6.5”
Headlamp Brightness800 lumens
Keyless Biometric Look✅
Assisted Pedaling✅
Automatic Wheel Lock✅
Anti-theft Motion Censor✅
Turn Signals✅
Tail Light✅
Removable Battery✅
Phone Holder✅
Invisible Kickstand✅

The Reevo Hubless electric bike also features a hidden backup battery that can provide up to 10 hours of standby power when you disconnect the main battery from the electric bike. The backup battery intelligently charges itself back when the main battery is connected to the bike once again.

Hubless Wheel Configuration:

The hubless wheel configuration of the Reevo e-bike is by far its most distinct feature. The wheels of the Reevo Hubless e-bike are centerless and are built with a strong core. The hubless wheels can support weight up to 265lbs or 120kgs.

The wheels are aesthetically pleasing as they sport an elegant matte black finish. Another major feature of these wheels is that they themselves offer storage points, allowing the rider with space to mount a bag.

However, the hubless wheels are both a strong and weak point of this electric bike. The absence of the hub causes the wheel to be thicker and heavier, which in turn increases the overall weight of the electric bike.

Reevo E-Bike Safety Features:

Each year, more than 2 million bikes get stolen, and maybe somewhere, someone is losing their ride as we speak. And surprisingly, this number of stolen bikes is just in North America. More than 97 percent of these stolen or lost bikes are never recovered. Losing a bike is a very unfortunate event, especially when it is your only mean of transport. Bikes generally come with a lock system that can be easily tampered with the help of tampering devices.

If it was that easy to prevent the stealing of bikes, then the number of bikes stolen each year would not have been this high. Beno Inc. knew that if they wanted to prevent the Reevo Hubless e-bike from getting stolen, they had to come up with some strong safety measures. Thus, Beno Inc. designed the Reevo Hubless e-bike with certain safety features that makes it impossible to steal.

Beno Inc. equipped the Reevo Hubless e-bike with a triple barrier anti-theft system, all while making sure that the bike meets the expectations of the riders perfectly. The triple barrier anti-theft ensures that the bike will safely stay with its owner.

The functions of the triple barrier anti-theft system in the Reevo Hubless e-bike are as follows:

1. One-touch fingerprint sensor:

reevo e bike

The one-touch fingerprint sensor allows the owner to lock and unlock the bike without the use of a traditional or typical key.

2. Automatic Lock:

reevo e bike
The analog security system of a Bike

The Reevo Hubless e-bike comes with an advanced wheel locking feature that is incorporated within the frame of the bike. The automatic lock helps to prevent the e-bike from moving and protects it from vandalizing devices like bolt cutters.

3. GPS coupled with motion detection:

reevo e bike

Reevo Hubless e-bikes have a microchip integrated within their frame. This microchip actively scans the bike for motions and sends out alerts to the owner’s phone when the bike or the position of the bike is triggered.

The next-generation e-bike also houses a GPS module that can be tracked through the Reevo smartphone app from anywhere at any time.

Due to this triple barrier anti-theft system of Reevo, you do not have to worry about your bike being stolen or lost. The biometric lock or one-touch fingerprint sensor makes sure that no one can unlock the bike without you. The motion detector and automatic locking feature of the bike save you from the trouble of purchasing a bike lock.

Simply park your electric bike at its designated parking spot and relaxingly go on with your day instead of worrying about your bike or checking on it once every few minutes. You will receive alerts on your phone through the Reevo smartphone app if anybody tries to move your bike or steal it.

Reevo App:

Beno Inc. has fully integrated the Reevo Hubless e-bike with advanced smartphone technology. You can place your phone in the smartphone carrier of the bike. The Reevo app is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android and allows you to track your e-bike and get safety and security alerts.

A virtual geofence is deployed as soon as the bike is locked using the biometric or automatic lock. The GPS module of the electric bike will be activated as soon as it leaves the geofence and sends alerts to the phone of the owner. You can track your Reevo Hubless e-bike through the Reevo from anywhere in the world.


Just having the advanced features and industry-leading technology will not attract people to a product. Attraction to the beauty and looks of the product is equally as important as its features. The majority of people back off from buying a product if they do not find the product appealing to the eye. Luckily, the looks will not be an issue for the Reevo Hubless e-bike.

One of the things that makes the Reevo Hubless e-bike extremely attractive is its undeniably eye-pleasing look. The frame is made up of aluminum alloy, and the wheels are hubless with an appealing black matte finish. The e-bike looks even more attractive with its lights and clearly defined details.

The Reevo Hubless e-bike undoubtedly gives all of us a ‘love at first sight feeling. And there is no denying that we are utterly in love with the beauty and elegance of this Reevo electric bike.

The Reevo Hubless electric bike is now available in four colors. These are:

  • Stealth Black
  • Saddle Brown
  • Satin Blue
  • Wine Red

A Lightweight Frame with Power

The Reevo Hubless e-bike is made up of lightweight aluminum alloy and materials that offer high durability. You can easily peddle your e-bike using the assisted peddle function, or you can put your foot down and enjoy an effortless and easy bike ride.

The top speed of the Reevo Hubless e-bike can easily go up to 25 miles per hour, and the speed can go up to 37 miles per hour if the rider uses assisted pedaling. The high-quality motor of the electric bike offers a power supply of 750 watts, and the battery of the bike comes in at 48 volts.

Automatic Lighting:

Other than the industry-leading technology and eye-appealing aesthetics, the Reevo Hubless e-bike offers a lot of features. The electric bike offers an additional feature of automatic lighting, which allows the rider to ride the electric bike at any time of the day, regardless of the lighting outside.

The Reevo Hubless e-bike comes with a bright headlamp and a tail light. It is equipped with an ambient light sensor. The ambient light sensor has the ability to detect darkness and automatically turn the headlamp and tail light on. This additional feature provides the rider with an extra layer of protection while riding the bike at night.

Reevo E-Bike Availability and Price:

We come bearing a piece of sad news for both you and us. The amazing Reevo Hubless electric bikes are not yet available for spot purchase. However, the futuristic e-bike is available on pre-order. So, if you want to be an owner of this wonderful electric bike, you can place an order for it on a pre-order basis.

For pre-order, the price of the Reevo Hubless e-bike starts at only USD $ 2,278. However, there will be a surge in the price of the electric bike after the pre-order period ends, increasing the starting price up to $3,450 approximately. If you want to take advantage of this pre-order price, then hurry up and place your order for the Reevo Hubless e-bike today!

When it comes to pricing, the Reevo Hubless electric bike is not the most low-priced electric bike available in the market. But the engineering excellence, top-class triple barrier anti-theft system, and the eye-pleasing aesthetics of the electric bike make it worth the cost.

Final Thoughts:

After reading the specifications, features, and technology of the Reevo Hubless e-bike, we believe that you have received a clear idea about this electric bike. There is a reason why we address this electric bike as the future of transportation. The reason is, there are hundreds of electric bikes available in the market right now, but not one of them matches the high standards and technology of the Reevo Hubless e-bike.

The Reevo Hubless electric bike is heavy on feature and high on value. This electric bike is a complete package of brains, brawns, and good looks.

The Reevo Hubless e-bike comes with features that many companies have imagined but failed to execute. It is the execution and design of Beno Inc. that made the Reevo Hubless stand out among all its competitors. It is not our intention to degrade another brand, and we are here to provide the Reevo Hubless e-bike with the recognition it deserves.

 Frequenty Asked Question:

How Much Does A Reevo Hubless E-Bike Cost?

The Reevo Hubless Electric is only available on pre-order right now. The price of this high-end electric bike, packed with some of the industry-leading features, is priced at only $2,278.

The price of the Reevo Hubless electric bike indicates that it is much affordable than the majority of the electric bikes available in the market. For example, the electric bikes offered by Ducati or Husqvarna costs way more than the Reevo electric bike. But those bikes do not offer as many features as the electric bike by Reevo.

However, the price of the Reevo Hubless e-bike is supposed to increase up to $3,450 when it is available to the world for spot purchase.

Is the Reevo E-Bike Legit?

If we talk about the incredibility of the Reevo Hubless e-bike, then it seems pretty promising so far. The bike is completely equipped with smart technology, safety features, attractive aesthetics, and a unique design, making it the electric bike for the future.

However, what concerns the public is whether the Reevo Hubless electric bike will ever see the light of the world, or is it just another scam? Truth be told, nobody can answer the question until the right time arrives.

The reason why people are skeptical about this electric bike is, in 2016, the release of the first hubless smart bicycle was announced. But even after almost five years, the world still has not seen the face of that bike in real life. Thus, the majority of people are expressing their doubts about the legitimacy of the product.

Customers are more than willing to wait till the official launch of the product in the market. Even though the price of purchasing the electric bike on pre-order is significantly lower than the said price on the spot purchase.

How Does The Reevo Hubless E-Bike Work?

As we mentioned in the guide above, the Reevo Hubless electric bike is packed with innovative features and technology. It has a biometric lock on its handlebar as part of its triple barrier anti-theft safety feature. The e-bike does not use a typical or traditional key and is locked or unlocked by the owner’s fingerprint on the biometric lock.

The Reevo Hubless electric bike also has a GPS module in it which allows the rider to easily maneuver through the roads by using the GPS. It also features an ambient light sensor, making it easier for the rider to ride the bike even during the night. The bright headlamp with 800 lumens and the tail light of the electric bike provides an additional layer of protection on the road at night time.

The bike works using a motor with a power of 750 watts and has a 48 volts battery coupled with the motor. The charging time of the battery used in the electric bike is 3 hours. You can ride this electric bike by using the assisted peddle or put your foot down and enjoy the ride effortlessly. The bike can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and if you use assisted pedaling, then the bike can reach a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour.

What is the benefit of using hubless wheels?

The feature that helped the Reevo Hubless electric bike gain popularity in the market is its hubless wheels. The hubless wheels are also commonly known as centerless wheels. These wheels do not have hubs or spokes in the center. The advantage of using hubless wheels is that it provides better steering and enhanced braking. The hubless wheels used in Reevo electric bikes also offer storage points, allowing the rider to mount a bag there.

Does the Reevo Hubless Electric Bike Require A Sim Card?

The answer is yes; your Reevo Hubless electric bike requires a sim card. You can use any nano sim card from your network provider. You must be wondering what will happen if you do not use a sim card on your Reevo Hubless Electric bike? There are many features in the bike that will still function even if you do not use a sim card. However, functions such as GPS or GSM cannot work without a nano sim card.

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