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Top 6 Hiland Road Bike Review: Expert Choice (2024)

Hiland Road Bike Review

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Hiland road bikes are some of the cheapest road bikes on the market and their quality isn’t too shabby at all. If you are looking for the best budget bikes available, then you better look at this Hiland Road bike review.

The Hiland Brand

Hiland Bikes was established at the beginning of the millennium, in 2000. Since then, it has etched its marks as a budget (yes, we know this is your favorite 6-letter word) biking company.

This Taiwan bike company exports all sorts of bike products, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, women’s bikes, kids’ bikes, and many bike accessories. Today, Hiland bikes are exported to nearly 70 countries.

Their motto “Put heart into bicycles” has translated to creating some of the best budget road bikes on the market, and here in our Hiland road bike review, we only focus on their highly touted road bikes. Before that, let us delve into the selling points of Hiland road bikes.

Why You Should Buy a Hiland Road Bike

It comes in a Cheap to Reasonable Price

The best road bikes in the world can cost thousands of dollars. For example, Trek road bikes can cost five figures. But unless you are looking to get into competitive racing, you don’t need to expend even ten times as low as that!

Yes, this is where Hiland comes in. Even though Hiland itself is a reputable bike brand, it produces bikes that are below $500. In fact, in our Hiland bike review of the best Hiland road bikes, all of the bikes we chose are under $400! And make no mistake. These $400 bikes will more than satisfy you!

It Uses 29 Inch Wheels or 700c Wheels

29-inch wheels are the gold standard of road and mountain bike racing today. It used to be that adult bike wheels, both for mountain biking and road biking, were 26 inches in diameter. But since 2010, the 29-inch wheel revolution has changed this paradigm, and now most competitive racing bikes have 29-inch wheels or 700c wheels.

So what are the advantages of 700c wheels over others? First of all, the bigger the wheels, the higher the top speed. How come? Well, think of it like this: If you have long legs, you would cover more distance per stride, right? Similarly, a bike with 29-inch wheels covers more distance per rotation than a bike with smaller wheels.

So, what are the other wheels which other bikes use? Adult bike wheel sizes are 26 inches, 27.5 inches (650b), and 29 inches (700c). Besides some specially customized bikes, these are the three main wheel sizes for adult bikes. Kids’ bikes can be much smaller, in the range of 12 inches to 26-inch models. And as discussed above, a 700c bike is faster than all these bike sizes.

Bigger wheels also offer more roll-ability and less rolling resistance. This is extremely important when you’re riding off the road, hence why mountain bikes are designed to roll over small obstacles like tree stumps and stones. Even when using a road bike on the road, you might face bumpy routes, and for those routes, the larger 700c wheels will keep you stable and offer you a smoother riding experience.

It lets you pick between Small, Medium, and Large sizes

One major disadvantage of larger wheels is that they are not suitable for people under 5’8”. However, there are other things that determine the ideal rider height besides wheel size. Frame height and handlebar placement, for example, also matter.

Now, are all Hiland bikes equipped with 700c wheels? Not really. Hiland manufacturers a wide variety of bikes, including 26ers and 27.5ers, and also kids’ and women’s bikes.

And we are ecstatic to let you know that even though we will be covering only 700c Hiland road bikes, there are different sizes for you to pick from. To clarify, you have two options if you want a different sized bike:

  1. Avoid a 700c Hiland bike, and rather choose a women’s bike or a kids’ bike 
  2. Check the height references for the small, medium, and large sizes of the 700c bikes in our Hiland road bike review.

So, what exactly are the height references for the different sizes? We will give an exact number in our Hiland 700c road bike review, but you will see that the sizes are not 100% accurate for all bike models.

For example, the small size of one Hiland road bike may accommodate a rider between the height of 5’3” and 5’6”, while the Hiland road bike size (small) of another model may lie in the range of 5’4” to 5’8”. But the height ranges are nonetheless similar, with an overall range (accounting for all sizes) of 5’4” to 6’4”.

It provides a good balance between Durability and Speed

Traditionally, the body of a bike used to be made of steel. This meant high durability and sturdiness, but also a significant source of weight. Nowadays, bike technology has produced much lighter components such as aluminum and carbon, and other alloys to strike a balance between sturdiness and speed.

As for Hiland road bikes, they are either made of steel or aluminum. This means that you get to choose whether you prioritize having a robust bike that can take some bumps and reckless driving (but you be safe, please!), or if you would rather focus more on speed and easy carrying of your bike. We recommend selecting a Hiland aluminum road bike if you are willing to slightly stretch your budget.

It comes already 85% Preassembled

This means that 85% of a Hiland road bike assembly is done beforehand, with you only needing to do 15% of the work! That’s a pretty good statistic if you didn’t know.

To put things into perspective, let’s talk a little about why bikes cannot come 100% preassembled. Imagine an entirely assembled bike coming to your doorstep. It would be quite a hassle to ship a bike like that. Of course, cars and other large products can get shipped, but that’s a very complex and expensive process.

On the other hand, bikes can simply be disassembled and put into containers so that they can be neatly packaged. Even small products like a microphone and a toy often come with some of their parts disassembled to fit better in a package. It is likely, though, that much of the product, including a bike, will be preassembled, leaving you with about 10-25% of the assembly.

In particular, Hiland road bike assembly needs you to assemble the front wheel, handlebar, saddle, and pedals. Of course, you’ll find detailed Hiland road bike assembly instructions on any of the links in our Hiland 700c road bike review. And if you’d like detailed written instructions, check out our blog section for Max4out bike assembly instructions, which also require 15% of the bike assembly.

6 Best Hiland Road Bikes: Which One Is Perfect For You?

1. Hiland Road Bike 700C Wheels with Single-Speed

At such an astoundingly low price, you get a road bike with 700c or 29-inch wheels.

This Hiland 700c road bike price is mainly low because there is no gear change option available. A single-speed road bike is not necessarily an inherently bad thing, though. Since it is a road bike, you normally don’t need to change gears, such as to tackle inclined or declined routes in the mountains.

The frame is made of steel, this being another reason for the Hiland 700c road bike price to be so appealing. Again, steel frames may not be bad if you don’t want to get every edge at speed. Moreover, steel frames make your bike durable and scratch-resistant to a great extent.

If you are wondering whether such a cheap bike would be good enough to give you years of mileage. And you are right about this concern. However, Hiland is a renowned brand that has confidence in its bikes so much that it offers you a 2-year protection plan. Just spend 25 bucks within 30 days of purchase and then repairs are free!

To add to all this, there are two products available to be bought with this bike in a package deal: a bike lock and a rechargeable bike light set.

The one major disadvantage of this product is that being a road bike, it is much lighter than a mountain bike, and so cannot carry much weight. But unless you are 230 lbs or above, don’t pay this disadvantage any heed.

2. Hiland Road Bike Aluminum Frame 700c Racing Bike with 14 Speeds Drivetrain

This is a major upgrade from the previous Hiland road bike model.

As the big-name reveals, the frame is made of aluminum, which is arguably the best compromise between steel and carbon if you are thinking about your budget (which, let’s admit, we all do).

Another reason for the higher price is that Shimano shifters are used, with 14-speed options available. This means you may be able to go off the road safely and efficiently, but the lack of suspension forks means that this won’t be as stable as a mountain bike off the road.

Very importantly, there are three sizes available: the small size is appropriate for heights between 5’4” and 5’8”; the middle size is for people between 5’8” and 6’1” tall, and the large size is for those within the height range of 6’1” and 6’4”. Please choose the size that fits you. Besides size, the product is also available in three different colors: black, green, and red.

3. Hiland Road Bike 700c Racing Bike Aluminum City Commuter Bicycle with 21 Speeds

This is another aluminum Hiland road bike with gears. And astoundingly, it’s cheaper than the previous model despite having 21 speeds, whereas the former had 14 speeds!

The Hiland road bike 700c racing bike is also available in 3 colors, but the large size is not available. The sizing is also slightly different from the previous model. The small size accommodates riders of heights between 5’3” and 5’6”, whereas the medium size is suitable for people up to 6 feet tall. Although no large size exists for this bike, the medium size should be suitable for most of us.

4. Hiland Road Bike Hybrid Bike Aluminum Frame 700C 24 Speeds

Enter another upgraded Hiland road bike at a reasonable price.

Equipped with mechanical disc brakes, 24 speeds, and a Sturdy-yet-lightweight aluminum frame, this bike gives you high versatility both on the road and off the road. In fact, it is not just a road bike, but a hybrid bike, a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike.

This Hiland bicycle is also available in 3 sizes: small (5’7” to 5’9”), medium (5’9” to 6’1”), and large (6’1” to 6’5”). It is also available in red, silver, and black.

5. Hiland Road Bike 700C Racing Bicycle with Shimano 14 Speeds

This is another of the awesome budget deals that Hilan brings to you.

Priced at under reasonable bucks, this Hiland bicycle also gives you a boatload of choices regarding size and color. This Hiland road racing bike has no fewer than 6 colors. It also allows you to pick from the three sizes of small, medium, and large – from a range of 5’7” to 6’2”.

Shimano gears are world-renowned, and this product gives you 14-speed options. The only major downside is that it is heavy for a road bike, but it’s not a mountain bike, so don’t worry about it being too heavy. Also, heavier bikes can hold heavier weight, so there’s a positive side to this too! But would recommend considering Hiland road bike weight facts before buying!

6. Hiland Vernier Road Bike 700C 14 Speeds Racing Bicycle 3 Sizes

The Hiland Vernier road bike is another versatile and budget racing bike.

Equipped with Shimano 14 speeds, you can be sure of the quality of this bike’s versatility. The number of speed options, though, isn’t too high, and the frame is also not carbon or aluminum. These things result in making this a budget bike but also with slight off-road potential. The sizing references are also wide, ranging from 5’5” to 6’2”.

A Final Word

As we have seen, Hiland offers road bikes of a wide range of varieties. Some have steel frames, and some have aluminum frames. One is a bit heavy, but still much lighter than a typical mountain bike. Speaking of mountain bikes, many Hiland road bikes have the capability of going off the road, as you can especially see from the Hiland road hybrid bike review (the fourth product on our list).

One important thing to consider, as explained, is the size. Please choose the Hiland bicycle that fits you best. Many reviews online are negative due to sizing problems. But Amazon explicitly provides the size reference ranges on the links. As a rule of thumb, pick the large size if you are above 6 feet tall, and a small size if you are around 5’6”.

The wide range of colors also caught our eye. You would mostly find such color varieties only for women’s bikes. But Hiland produces these color variations for women as well!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Hiland Road Bike Review!

Is there a Hiland bikes website?

Yes! Check out the Hiland bike’s official site.

Who makes Hiland bikes?

Hiland bikes are made by Hiland themselves. The Hiland bicycle company makes bikes, and bike accessories, and provides a unique protection plan for the first product of this Hiland road bike review.

Do Hiland road bikes have quick-release wheels?

Yes! Hiland road bikes are equipped with quick-release wheels both on the front and the rear.

Is the Hiland Clifford bike good?

Good question. The Hiland Clifford bike is extremely good and is one of the best Hiland road bikes out there. We have not reviewed this as it is not currently available on Amazon. But you can check it out from Hiland Bike‘s website.

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