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Exploring Part of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike – Nagwa Taher

Exploring Part of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

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Exploring Part of the Red Sea Coast On My Bike. 915 kilometers in 8 days, alone in the middle of the desert.

At the beginning of my story, I believed that it was a unique story worth sharing with all of you.

Exploring Part of the Red Sea Coast On My Bike
Nagwa Taher

It started with the challenge that as a girl, I couldn’t undertake such a journey alone. I had been dreaming for three years of traversing this route on my bicycle, but every time I decided to venture out, I lacked sufficient information about the road.

Once I gathered all the necessary information and gained more experience in traveling with my bicycle, I traveled to many places in Egypt before, including Upper Egypt, covering a total distance of 935 kilometers by myself.

Exploring Part of the Red Sea Coast On My Bike

Everything I experienced in those three years was a preparation for this journey with my bicycle, which would shatter old stereotypes.

It would prove that an Arab Muslim woman can accomplish something as challenging as this alone.

I demonstrated to the whole world, especially the Arab and Islamic world, that women can achieve anything as long as they meticulously plan their journey and have some people, even if they are few, who believe in their dream and support them in achieving it.

Nagwa Taher

I embarked on my journey with my bicycle named “Yamoor,” a 2019 Giant Escape 3.

Exploring Part of the Red Sea Coast On My Bike

I had prepared and maintained my bike a day before the trip, and I equipped myself with all the necessary tools for bike maintenance. I also tried to minimize the number of clothes I carried to reduce weight.

I planned the distances for each day based on the hotels I would stay in.

The average distance per day ranged from 125 to 150 kilometers. About 90% of the road consisted of desert and the Red Sea mountain range.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

I reached the first town called Al-Za’farana and then proceeded to the city of Ras Gharib, where I discovered dedicated cycling routes and encountered very friendly locals.

From there, I headed to the city of Hurghada, a tourist destination known to many. The road to Hurghada was very challenging, with high temperatures.

I covered my face like the Bedouins to protect myself from the scorching heat. Of course, being an Arab Muslim woman, I was always keen on performing the five daily prayers.

I found a mosque along the way before entering Hurghada, where I prayed and took a rest from the hardships of the desert and the extreme heat.

Afterward, I continued my journey to Hurghada, where I met my female friends who were also cyclists.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

They showed me great hospitality. I then continued to the city of Al-Qusair, known for its tranquility and ancient streets.

The road to Al-Qusair was not easy, as there was a vast and desolate desert that only a few brave souls could conquer.

Those few individuals turned this struggle into a journey of success, teaching the world that the desert educates and refines the soul.

Faith in God was a strong motivation for completing this journey.

In fact, Allah arranged things in my destiny to ensure the completion of this trip, so that future generations would learn that nothing is impossible.

Just dream, plan, and organize every step, and then embark on the journey.

Along the way, you will encounter difficulties, lessons, and kind-hearted people. You will learn to confront yourself in the deafening silence of the desert.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

Now, let’s continue discussing the journey. I then traveled from Al-Qusair to Marsa Alam, a city renowned for its internationally classified beaches, considered among the purest in the world.

I was incredibly happy at this point of the journey because I discovered multiple routes to this city, each more beautiful than the last.

For the first time, I enjoyed the road more than the moment of arrival. I discovered incredibly kind people.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

After reaching the city of Shalateen, I couldn’t contain my joy and sense of accomplishment.

It was in that moment, surrounded by the tranquility and beauty of the mangrove trees, that I realized the true power of perseverance and faith.

I had defied all odds, shattered stereotypes, and embarked on a journey that not only changed me but also inspired others.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

My story is a testament to the strength and resilience of women worldwide. Despite facing immense challenges and encountering numerous obstacles along the way, I never wavered in my determination.

The support I received from my family, the few who believed in my dream, and my unwavering faith in Allah propelled me forward.

Throughout my solo adventure in the vast desert, I learned valuable lessons and discovered the beauty of self-discovery.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

The desert, with its silence and solitude, taught me to listen to the echoes of my own inner voice. It instilled in me a profound sense of self-reliance and independence.

I became attuned to the subtleties of nature, finding solace in the simplest of things, like the warmth of the sun on my face or the gentle breeze against my skin.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

Every step I took on that journey was a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to overcome challenges.

I faced physical exhaustion, extreme temperatures, and the harsh realities of the desert. But through it all, I persevered, fueled by my dreams and a burning desire to prove that nothing is impossible for a determined soul.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

My message to women around the world is simple: Believe in yourself, embrace your dreams, and chart your own path.

Society may try to impose limitations and expectations, but you have the power to break free from those chains.

With careful planning, unwavering determination, and the support of those who believe in you, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

My journey through the Red Sea coast on my bicycle was not just a physical expedition; it was a transformational experience that shattered barriers and redefined my own perception of what a woman can achieve.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike

I hope that my story serves as an inspiration to all women who dare to dream and encourages them to pursue their passions, no matter how unconventional or challenging they may seem.

In the end, it is the belief in oneself and the willingness to take that first step that leads to extraordinary accomplishments.

Remember, your voice is powerful, your dreams are valid, and your potential is limitless. Embrace the journey, face the difficulties with courage, and let your determination guide you toward realizing your dreams.

So, dare to dream, plan meticulously, and embark on your own remarkable journey.

Exploring Part Of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike
You have within you the strength, resilience, and spirit to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Believe in yourself, and the world will be in awe of what you can achieve.

Nagwa Taher is an extraordinary woman who defied expectations, her “Exploring Part of The Red Sea Coast On My Bike” is a glimpse of cycling 915 kilometers alone through the desert to discover the Red Sea coastline. Her inspiring journey shattered stereotypes and showcased the limitless potential of Arab Muslim women.

With meticulous planning and unwavering faith, she overcame challenges, embraced solitude, and found strength in the vastness of the desert.

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