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Are JoyStar Bikes Good? (2-9years) – Why & How?

are joystar bikes good

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JoyStar is one of the very few brands in the industry that specialize in manufacturing high-quality bikes for kids. When it comes to purchasing bikes for kids, one of the top factors that we consider is the safety of the bikes.

For kids, cycling is one of the most important outdoor activities. Cycling trains cardiovascular muscles which improves your kid’s heartbeat.

It does not only help with the physical development of the kids, but it also helps with their mental development.

While there are hundreds of bike manufacturers and brands available in the industry, not all of them specialize in manufacturing kid bikes, and JoyStar bikes are among the best.

So it is only natural that you’d want a proper JoyStar bike review to make the best decision for your kid’s first bike!

In this guide, we will discuss whether are JoyStar bikes good or not, whether they are safe and sturdy as well as of high quality overall.

In a nutshell, though, here is why JoyStar Bikes Are Good

  • Unique and versatile design (high-quality steel)
  • Accommodates children from 2-9 years old
  • Rubber-coated training wheels for safety and convenience
  • Coaster brakes for safety and convenience

A Brief History of JoyStar Bikes

JoyStar started its journey of designing, developing, and producing bikes for kids in the year 1997. Since then, the company has committed to providing high-quality bikes for kids.

The company wants to make sure that the children get a nice and comforting bike riding experience.

JoyStar Bikes is not only dedicated to producing safe and fancy kids’ bikes. They are also involved in humanitarian acts, for in September of 2019, they donated kids’ bikes to AIM (Athletes in the Making).

This is for the cause of readying the next generation of Americans with sports-based learning and inculcation of team spirit and sportsmanship.

Who Are JoyStar Bikes Made For?

Okay, so we know that JoyStar makes kids’ bikes. But what exactly do we mean by “kids”? Do we mean 2-year-olds too? What about teenagers?

Does JoyStar make bikes for both boys and girls? Most importantly, what about the size? Oh, and the price! Are Joystar bikes cheap?

Besides teenagers, the answers to the above questions are yes, JoyStar makes bikes for kids aged between 2 and 9 years old and for both genders. They have even separate (for boys and girls) as well as unisex designs for junior riders. And, yeah, they are quite reasonably priced.

JoyStar makes sure to manufacture bikes that have the ability to encourage kids to learn and exercise cycling. This will help them boost their stamina and strengthen their muscles too.

Alongside physical development, riding also aids the kids to make new friends and improve their social life. The majority of the bikes manufactured by JoyStar are ideal for kids between the ages of 2 to 7 years. There are also a few bikes that are suitable for kids up to the age of 9 years.

Why are Joystar Bikes Good?

JoyStar maintains some basic functionality that makes them different from others. That is why people go for Joystar and buy it for their kids.

Here is the reason why are Joystar Bikes good:

  • Unique & Versatile Design

Other than bikes for kids, JoyStar also works with bike accessories such as replacement parts, gears, and decorations. As kids are especially fascinated by color and attractive designs, Joystar designs their bikes to be as diverse and colorful as possible.

Moreover, Joystar bikes are known for their striking colors and impressive design that your kid will instantly fall in love with.

For example, some of the bikes come with a basket in the front, some have tassels on their handlebar, and all the bikes have DIY decal stickers that allow the children to decorate the bikes according to their names.

As we discussed above, all of the best JoyStar kids’ bikes are made up of premium quality high tensile steel.

This material allows the JoyStar bikes to be durable, protects the frames from rust, and makes them sturdy so that they can withstand any weather.

Along with these features, this material also allows the bikes to be lightweight, so it is easy for the kids to maneuver their bikes. High tensile steel also makes sure that the bikes withstand the bumpy terrains of the learning phase.

Besides, the bike also offers leather-coated cushion hand pads on the handlebars as well as the seats that aid the junior rider’s grip and ride on the bike smoothly.

Apart from the leather grip and seat, the JoyStar Totem kids’ series offers an ergonomic seat that relieves your kid from neck and back pain.

In short, with the cozy handlebar and seat, your kid can have a pleasant and safe ride even on bumpy terrain.

Not to mention, maintenance of the bike is quite easy for the parents. As stated before, JoyStar bikes are lightweight because of their single-speed drivetrain. And, therefore, it can be easily moved by the junior riders.

In addition, the bike requires low maintenance for its sturdy Hi-Ten steel frames, rubber air tires, and single-speed drivetrain. Thus a JoyStar bike is not only affordable but also needs less maintenance.

  • Caters to Different Sizes

The smallest frame size that JoyStar manufactures is 12 inches for both girls and boys. This size is generally suitable for kids between the ages of 2 to 4 years.

Wait, but we mentioned that JoyStar bikes range in wheel sizes between 12 inches and 20 inches, right? Correct.

JoyStar Bikes not only limits itself to wheel sizes between 12 inches, but the company also offers a handful of bike models that come with a frame size of 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches. In addition, the 20 inches wheel size is suitable for kids over the age of 7 years.

And so, taking into account all the JoyStar bike sizes, from 12 inches to 20 inches, you can find them suitable for kids of 2 to 9 years old. Moreover, unlike the other sizes, the 18 inches and the 20 inches have extra features (e.g. it offers a kickstand).

Furthermore, the kids’ balance bikes which are specifically manufactured for toddlers come in the smallest size of 10 inches.

  • Safety Features

Safety is the first concern for parents before purchasing anything for kids. Bear in mind, that manufacturers make sure that the JoyStar kids’ bikes are safe for kids. Its adjustable facility offers the kids an enjoyable ride that they will never forget.

Besides the high-quality tensile steel made of JoyStar kids’ bikes, they are also safe and sound due to two safety features:

  • Training wheels
  • Coaster brakes.

1. Training wheels

Training wheels are a must in kids’ bikes as they aid the young biker from falling. Almost all the JoyStar kid bikes come with top-quality and sturdy training wheels.

The training wheels are rubber-coated which makes a huge difference. It allows the kids to maintain their balance smoothly when they start learning how to ride a bike.

However, you should know that though all the kids’ section bikes come with a training wheel, the majority of the larger frame sizes do not come with training wheels. But, as mentioned, these large bikes usually come with a kickstand.

2. Coaster Brakes

Joystar bikes come with coaster brakes instead of hand brakes. Coaster brakes allow the kids to apply the brakes easily and also reduce the stopping distance.

In order to apply the coaster brakes, all you have to do is pedal in the backward direction.

But how are coaster brakes different from hand brakes? Simple. Instead of using hands, coaster brakes allow young riders to brake easily using their feet whenever they want.

Coaster brakes are designed in such a way that they seem super easy for younger learners. They can go easy on their hands and just paddle backward whenever they need to stop the bike.

An expert Joystar review can give you eye-opening thoughts about them.

How to Assemble JoyStar Kids’ Bikes

Though we have categorized this section separately from safety features, the assembly facility that JoyStar provides is also an important factor in safety. Indeed, the bike must be securely assembled so that there is no chance of it breaking apart while the kids are riding it.

When it comes to assembling, customers do not need to worry about JoyStar bikes. As the JoyStar bikes are very easy to assemble, the manufacturers ship these bikes as 85 percent assembled (the JoyStar Whizz kids’ bike is even 98 percent assembled).

As for the remaining 15% work, all you have to do is assemble the bike seat, wheels, and training wheels. The assembling process will not take you any longer than 30 minutes.

You may also wonder where are Joystar bikes made. Well, Joystar is an American brand but many American brands do have their cycle parts made in countries like China, Vietnam, etc.

The Joystar bike parts do comply with all the safety rules and regulations in the USA making it a worry-free purchase for parents.

What Could Have Been Better in JoyStar Bikes?

JoyStar bike reviews won’t be complete if we don’t mention what could have been better. Joystar Kids bike has been parents’ favorite for a reason.

But from time to time, parents have also let the company know what changes they would prefer.

Such as:

  • Many parents think that even though the bikes are solidly built, they are heavy, and discouraging for learning.
  • Many parents think it should have handle brakes instead of pedal brakes.
  • Some feel that the chain slips off gears, wheels nuts loosen, and tires don’t inflate properly.
  • The wheels and handlebars/stem could have functioned even better if there was less wobble and uneven spinning.
  • The handlebars also turn rough and mechanically rough inside the stem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of bikes does JoyStar offer?

JoyStar primarily focuses on bikes for children, including balance bikes, training wheel bikes, and bicycles for slightly older children. They cater to a range of ages, ensuring that there’s likely a bike suitable for your child’s stage and size.

2. Are JoyStar bikes affordable?

Yes, JoyStar bikes are generally considered affordable. They are priced to be accessible for families, making them an attractive option for parents looking to purchase a quality bike for their child without breaking the bank.

3. How is the quality of JoyStar bikes?

JoyStar bikes are often praised for their build quality relative to their price point. They use decent materials for the frame and components, ensuring durability and a comfortable ride for children. However, like with any bike in the more budget-friendly range, they might not have the high-end features or ultra-lightweight materials found in more expensive bikes.

4. Are JoyStar bikes easy to assemble?

Many customers find JoyStar bikes relatively easy to assemble, with clear instructions and minimal tools required. Some models come partially assembled, which further simplifies the process. However, if you’re not comfortable assembling the bike yourself, it might be worth having it professionally done to ensure safety and proper setup.

5. Can I find replacement parts for JoyStar bikes?

Replacement parts for common wear-and-tear items (like tires, tubes, and brake pads) are generally easy to find, as they use standard sizes. For more specific parts, it’s often recommended to contact JoyStar directly or check with local bike shops for compatibility with generic parts.


To be specific, here are the four major features of Joystar bikes: Durability, Adjustability, Safety, and Comfortability which any parent first looks for while purchasing their kid’s bike.

The company also manufactures 85 percent assembled frames which makes it a lot easier for the guardians to confer the bike to the young rider.

Indeed, JoyStar kids’ bikes are some of the best kids’ bikes available in the world of bikes. The company has been in business for more than two decades now and is well-known for its great quality kid bikes.

If you want to purchase a bike for your kid, then JoyStar kids’ bikes are undoubtedly a great choice.

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