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6 Best Hiland Mountain Bike Review: Affordable, Flexible & High Quality

This Hiland mountain bike review consists of rigorous research and appraisals of a wide range of Hiland mountain bikes available today, along with a detailed buying guide so that you know what you are looking for.

Our Top Picks

First, let us present to you our top picks for various categories.

1.  Best Overall: Hiland H300

The Hiland H300 is the bigger, badder version of the budget-friendly H200. However, the H300 is still quite affordable, and so takes its place as our overall top pick.

2.  Best for Women: Hiland Gamille 300

Not only is it the overall top pick for women, but the Hiland Gamille 300 is also the best Hiland mountain bike for women in terms of versatility as well, with its flexible bike sizes.

3.  Best for Beginners & Value: Hiland H200

The most pocket-friendly Hiland mountain bike on our list is also the best version for beginners. This lightweight 26-inch mountain bike is also available in 11 different colors!

4.  Best 29-Inch Mountain Bike: Hiland Conqueror

This heavyweight 29-inch mountain bike’s specialty lies in the fact that Hiland offers a Medium size that accommodates riders as short as 5’3”!

Now, before going to the featured product reviews, are you sure you know what mountain bikes are?

Mountain Biking 101: How Hiland Stacks up in the Mountain Biking Industry

If we are to discuss mountain bikes, then one thing everyone says is that they are very different compared to the regular bicycles we ride. Mountain bikes are usually manufactured for cycling in jungles, woods, mountains, and so on. These bikes come with features that we do not see in other bikes, and these features make them great for off-road cycling.

Out of hundreds of bicycle brands in the world, one of the top bicycle brands in Hiland. Hiland bikes are not as high-end as Giant or Specialized ones, of course, but the quality of Hiland mountain bikes is more than satisfactory, and you don’t also have to break the bank with Hiland.

What about security? Are you worried that since it is not a top-tier brand, it won’t have top-notch security and certifications? Wrong! Hiland rigidly adheres to the American bicycle standards. It has also passed CPSC 16 CFR 1512 Requirement. In particular, it has the two following certificates:

  • General Certificate of Conformity
  • Children’s Product Certificate

Without any further ado, feast your eyes on the top Hiland mountain bikes in 2022.

Hiland Mountain Bike Reviews

1. Hiland H200 [Best for Beginners & Value]

Let us start the discussion with the frame of the Hiland H200 Mountain bike. This bike features a beautiful frame made of light aluminum, which makes it lightweight and more convenient to ride. It also comes with a high-performing suspension fork that makes it suitable for both new and experienced riders.

This mountain bike features a 21 Shimano DriveTrain and a wide variety of gears. This gives the bike great control for climbing steep roads and moving easily around corners, jumps, and so on. The Hiland H200 mountain bike has a weight of 32.8lbs, and the wheels are made of magnesium with aluminum rims.

Coming to spoke design, the H200 has 3 spokes. The design of the spokes ensures a great resistance against wind and great handling of dirt, pavement, and gravel. Regarding color design, the Hiland H200 mountain bike comes in no fewer than 11 different colors! Yup, there’s black, there’s white, there’s orange, there are combinations of black and orange, and there’s multicolor!

The frame of the bike is 17 inches which makes it ideal for people within the height range of 5ft to 6ft. This is a very wide margin indeed, but we recommend it for riders under 5’8”. The wheel size – 26 inches – too is suitable for people of average or less-than-average height. Another good part is that this bike comes 85 percent preassembled, so you can easily take care of the rest. And the bike also comes with the assembling tools, so you do not have to run in search of them. And it also comes with a kickstand. Yay!

2.  Hiland Gamille 300 [Best for Women]

You can now enjoy your rides and adventures to the fullest with the Hiland women’s bike, Hiland Camille 300. This high-quality mountain bike comes with an ultralight aluminum frame and a great lock-out suspension fork that allows you to handle your bike easily, whether riding uphill or on rough terrain, pavement, and so on. Just the way a mountain bike should be!

You will find a dual disc brake on this bike. This feature helps you to get a better performing and durable stopping power. This bike comes with a speed level of 24-Speed and has a wide range of gears suitable for all types of roads. There are other speed options available (like 21-Speed) as well. This women’s bike does not, however, come with a kickstand.

If we talk about the weight of the bike, then it is quite a lightweight bike of only 34lbs. This weight is inclusive of the wheel tubes. You will find the wheels of this bike in two sizes: 26 inches and 27.5 inches. The wheel size of 26 inches is suitable for people with a height range between 5’1″ and 5’6″. For women that are taller, the wheel size of 27.5 inches accommodates heights between 5’5″ and 6’1″.

Again, let us reiterate this: this is the best Hiland Mountain bike for women in a lot of ways. Not only does the Hiland Gamille 300 have 24-Speed options and dual disc brakes and a lock-out fork for versatile and efficient movement on any sort of terrain … not only all of that, but its size also fits any woman between 5’1” and 6’1”!

Finally, it is very easy to assemble this bike, and it will not take you more than 25 minutes to assemble the bike as the manufacturers ensure that you get the bike already 85 percent preassembled.

3.  Hiland H300 [Best Overall]

Similar to the Hiland H200 we discussed above, the Hiland H300 comes with a similar frame made of light aluminum. And the suspension fork of this bike makes it easier for both new riders and experienced riders.

One thing we can guarantee about this bike is that you will have amazing control and riding experience with the Hiland H300. This is due to the Shimano Shifter and Derailleur with a speed level of 24-Speed. This product also has several gears, which gives the rider better handling of the bike.

The wheels come with a high-quality aluminum rim which helps the bikers to control the bike on pavement, gravel, and dirt easily. You will find this bike in four different colors: black, blue, gray, and red. This bike also boasts user-friendly handlebars and tires which are light, thin, and have good roll-ability.

Very often, the size of any bike is an issue that arises while choosing a bike. But with the Hiland H300, you do not have to worry as it is available in both a Medium (with 26-inch wheels) and Large (with 27.5-inch wheels) sizes. This means it can accommodate all the way from a 5’4” rider to a 6’5” rider.

What’s more, you will find this bike delivered to you as 85 percent preassembled. All you have to do is assemble the bare minimum, and then you can take your bike out for a ride.

4.  Hiland Slycan

 inches, and 19 inches. The wheel size of 26 inches is designed for a frame of 17 inches. The 17-inch bike frame is suitable for people between the height of 5’2″ and 5’8″.

The 18-inch and 19-inch bike frames feature a wheel size of 27.5 inches. The frame size of 18 inches is ideal for people between the height of 5’7″ to 6’0″, and the 19-inch frame is perfect for a person between 6’0″ and 6’6″.

Manufacturers deliver these bikes as 85 percent assembled and with all the necessary tools and parts. All you have to do is spend a few minutes assembling the bike properly.

5.  Hiland Hippel HIM009

By now, you know how much quality a Hiland mountain bike boasts. And this model, the Hiland Hippel HIM009, is no exception. With an aluminum frame, Shimano Shifters, and a Shimano 3×7 drivetrain, a smooth and comfortable riding experience is guaranteed.

The bike is somewhat of a heavyweight, as even its 26-inch model weighs over 42lbs. But being heavy has its pros as well, as more weight generally means higher robustness.

Moreover, the bike is extremely flexible in terms of height requirement, as it can suit riders of 5’2” up to 6’6”. The 26-inch wheels go with a 17-inch frame, whereas 27.5-inch wheels are paired with a 19-inch frame for this bike.

Manufacturers deliver the bike as 85 percent preassembled and with all the necessary tools and parts. All you have to do is spend a few minutes assembling the bike properly before taking it for a ride.

6.  Hiland Conqueror [Best 29-Inch Hiland Mountain Bike]

You can now go riding for adventures with the high-quality Hiland Conqueror Mountain Bike. Hiland Conqueror is made of an extra-light aluminum frame with an XC design which makes your rides even more enjoyable. It also comes with an internal shift cable routing that can protect your cables and help them to last for a longer period of time.

This bike features dual hydraulic disc brakes that are generally much more efficient compared to regular mechanical brakes. A better brake efficiency provides better durability and stopping power. The 2 x 8 drivetrain of this bike provides you with all the necessary gears that you need, and no more than that, for your adventures.

This bike also comes with a lock-out suspension fork which can be used while riding downhill, uphill, and on rough terrain. The 42.25lbs bike is available in 2 colors and 2 different sizes.

About the size … As mentioned, this is a 29-inch bicycle. Most 29-inch bikes do not fit people below 5’7”. However, the Hiland Conqueror has a flexible option of providing you with a 17-inch frame instead of the usual 19-inch frame that goes along with 29-inch wheels. Due to this flexibility, the manufacturers claim that the bike can accommodate anywhere between a height of 5’3” to 6’2”! That’s awesome for a 29-inch mountain bike!

You will need no longer than 25 minutes to assemble this bike, and the manufacturers make sure that the bike is delivered as 85 percent assembled. You will be provided with all the necessary assembling tools to ensure that you do not have much trouble with the bike assembly.

Comparison Table of 6 Best Hiland Mountain Bikes

SpeedLock-Out SuspensionBrakesWheel SizeEditor’s Comment
Hiland H20021-SpeedNoDisc Brakes26-inchBest for Beginners and Value
Hiland Gamille 30021-Speed / 24-SpeedYesDisc Brakes26-inch / 27.5-inchBest for Women
Hiland H30024-SpeedNoDisc Brakes26-inch / 27.5-inchBest Overall
Hiland Slycan27-SpeedYesHydraulic Disc Brakes26-inch / 27.5-inchMulti-Speed Option
Hiland Hippel HIM00921-SpeedNoDisc Brakes26-inch / 27.5-inch A bit Heavy
Hiland Conqueror16-SpeedYesHydraulic Disc Brakes29-inch (and flexible frame sizes)Best 29-Inch Hiland Mountain Bike
A Comparison Table between 6 Best Hiland Mountain Bikes

Things To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike

As we discussed above, there are hundreds of mountain bikes available on the market, but not all of them are worth investing money in. There are a few factors that you must consider before purchasing a mountain bike. These factors are:

  • Bike Style

Considering the style of the mountain bike is essential. Mountain bikes are usually categorized into four categories, and these are:

Cross Country (XC): These bikes are built for speed and efficiency. XC bikes are mainly pedal-focused and usually have less cushioning in their suspension. This often sacrifices the performance of the bike on downhill terrain.

Trail: These bikes are one of the most versatile styles of mountain bikes. A trail bike can be used on all sorts of terrain, such as ups, downs, and everything.

Enduro: The enduro bikes are more friendly to downhill terrain compared to uphill terrain. As these bikes are downhill-oriented and have more suspension, they require more pedaling.

Downhill: The downhill mountain bikes, as the name suggests, are mainly designed for downhill rides. They are built to make sure that they run smoothly on steep terrain, high speeds, and jumps. A downhill bike cannot be used to ride uphill, so if you are considering buying a downhill bike, then make sure to think it through.


Once you choose a bike category, it is now time to take a look at the build of the bike. The price of the bikes varies a lot depending on the build. A more expensive bike will ensure that the build is of top quality and helps run the bike smoothly. There are two main factors that you must consider about the build of a bike, which are:

Frame Material: Even though mountain bikes can be made out of various materials, the three most common frame materials are steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum alloy. The weight, durability, and price of the bike depend on the material it is made up of.

Going by quality alone, carbon frames are the best you can buy, but they cost quite a penny. What’s more, a carbon bike frame is also more prone to damage than a steel or aluminum one. Whereas steel is the most robust material available, we recommend going for an aluminum bike frame. This will provide a good balance between durability, and lightness in weight, and won’t break your bank either!

Suspension: When it comes to considering the suspension of a mountain bike, there are two types: hardtail and full suspension. But before going into detail about which suspension technology is the best, let us delve into its varying functions.

Frame Material: Even though mountain bikes can be made out of various materials, the three most common frame materials are steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum alloy. The weight, durability, and price of the bike depend on the material it is made up of.

Going by quality alone, carbon frames are the best you can buy, but they cost quite a penny. What’s more, a carbon bike frame is also more prone to damage than a steel or aluminum one. Whereas steel is the most robust material available, we recommend going for an aluminum bike frame. This will provide a good balance between durability, and lightness in weight, and won’t break your bank either!

Suspension: When it comes to considering the suspension of a mountain bike, there are two types: hardtail and full suspension. But before going into detail about which suspension technology is the best, let us delve into its varying functions.

First of all, what does it mean to have suspension? Modern bikes now have the ability to offer smoother rides even on rocky and obstacle-laden terrain. And guess what? Mountain bikes are made for trekking on such rocky and unstable routes. Thus, odds are that if you want a stable ride on hilly or mountainous terrain, you will want a bike with suspension technology.

But now the question is whether a full suspension is the best choice to make. Actually, it is not always. A hardtail mountain bike (with a single suspension fork) has many advantages over a dual-suspension one: a hardtail model is lighter, requires less pedaling effort to climb uphill, and is of course cheaper. However, if you want to go downhill a lot, a full-suspension bike would be a wise choice.

Even a single suspension is unnecessary in smooth and uphill climbing. In that case, look out for a lock-in feature. XC mountain bikes are generally hardtail models, and many of our featured Hiland mountain bikes do offer a lock-in suspension feature.

Brake Type

It is of course important to ensure you have ultra-secure brakes. The type of brake that is flourishing in the bike industry as a whole is disc brakes.

Disc brakes are more efficient and more versatile in weather conditions than the older brake type – rim brakes. Disc brakes work with a motor, whereas rim brakes function by being attached directly to the rim of the wheels.

Back off a second: Did we say more versatile in weather conditions?

Yup! Whether in rain or hail or in the desert-like heat, disc brakes are the premium brake type out there. Rim brakes, on the other hand, may not function well in changing weather conditions. The only drawback of disc brakes? They are more expensive, but spending some extra few bucks to ensure long-term safety and comfort is a wise investment.

Wheel Size

After considering the build and category, it is now time to consider the wheel size. Mountain bikes usually come with three wheel sizes: 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch.

So, which to choose? Well, in terms of popularity, the 26-inch wheel was once the standard size. But as days passed, the larger wheel sizes became more popular as they allow riders to ride past the obstacles easily. The 29-inch wheel is a bit difficult to handle, so it is better to go for a 27.5-inch or 26-inch wheel if you are a new rider.

Here is a short description of each of the wheel types.

Bikes with 26-inch wheels – let’s call them 26ers – are smaller (due to the smaller wheels, duh!) and so are easier to pedal. They can also reach high speeds quickly. However, they are slower than the bigger wheeled models.

Wait, we just said they reach high speeds quickly, so how can they be slower overall?

That’s because, despite their high acceleration, 26ers are not as fast as 27.5ers and 29ers. It’s not rocket science: since the wheels are smaller, the rotation per minute (rpm) is capable of covering less distance in each rotation.

Another disadvantage of 26ers is their rolling resistance. A good mountain bike ought to roll over obstacles in its path, such as rocks and broken stems and a generally uneven road. Besides shock absorbers in the form of suspensions, a bigger set of wheels also allow easier roll-ability. It’s simple: obstacles can be more conveniently rolled over if the wheels are bigger.

Before moving on, you may want to check out the definitive guide to the best 29-inch mountain bikes.


Very much relevant in the discussion of wheel size is which size will fit you properly. Bikes are usually available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The majority of mountain bikes have an extremely low standover height, so the traditional bike fitting method does not work on mountain bikes. To ensure that the bike fits you or not, check the size chart provided by the bike company.

As a rule of thumb, consider 26-inch mountain bikes to be suitable for those of us not blessed in the height department. While this will vary, a typical height range suitability for 26ers is between 5 feet to 5 feet 7 inches. People close to 5’6” or more are recommended to go for a 27.5-inch Hiland mountain bike. As for 6-footers and above, they should purchase a 29-inch model.

Why You Should Pick Hiland Mountain Bikes

We are positive that you yourselves know by now why you should pick Hiland mountain bikes after our Hiland mountain bike review. Still, let us briefly discuss the selling points of Hiland mountain bikes so that you can look at them at a glance and make your buying decision all the more quickly.

Lightweight Aluminum Frames

All 6 of our featured products are made of aluminum. As we discussed in the buying guide, bikes with an aluminum build have a happy marriage between durability and speed, and they are also quite affordable to boot.

That being said, there is still some range of bike weights available for you to choose from. If you choose 26-inch wheel models, you are likely to get a more lightweight bike, whereas 27.5 and 29-inch Hiland mountain bikes are sturdier and bulkier. For instance, whereas the Hiland Slycan is merely 31lbs, the 29-inch Hiland Conqueror is 42.25lbs in weight. 

Hydraulic and Lock-Out Technology

As you may have noticed, many of the Hiland mountain bikes on our list have suspension technology installed, and many have the lock-out feature of choosing when to have the suspension fork in action and when not.

For anyone curious, Hiland mountain bikes are not dual suspension bikes. They are hardtails, many of which have the option to lock out the suspension fork for efficient motion. This means that Hiland mountain bikes do not require excessive pedaling. This makes them more convenient for downhill climbing. Moreover, the lack of dual-suspension means more affordability!

Flexible Bike Sizes

It doesn’t matter how awesome of a bike you buy if it doesn’t fit you, right? Indeed, while the height requirement isn’t very rigid, a 29-inch mountain bike won’t normally suit a 5’6” rider.


With Hiland, there are size options for almost every featured bike! In particular, there are Small, Medium, and Large options – which means they will fit you whether you are 5’2” or 6’2.

For the exact specifications, we always recommend you to check out the actual product description, as there are slight variations. However, with Hiland mountain bikes, you can cease worrying about that!

It Comes 85% Preassembled!

Yup! You don’t have to manually assemble the bike from scratch. Simply watch the video tutorial on bike assembly, and you don’t even need to take it to a bike shop.

But why 85% instead of 100%? Logistical reasons. Imagine how difficult it would be to package an entirely 100% preassembled bike as shipments! The required 15% assembly mechanics are not too difficult either. You just have to attach the pedals, handlebar, bike seat, bike wheels, and tires.


Not all mountain bikes are worth the money, so you have to be careful before choosing one. The 6 Hiland bikes we have mentioned above are some of the top mountain bikes on the market. But before you make a final decision, make sure that you consider the buying factors properly.

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